What do you guys think of this blue prada nylon ruched bag for spring?

  1. [​IMG]

    I'm sort of liking this color for spring.
  2. Much better than the neon green version!

    You must be doing what I was doing, shushopn. I was going to put up a thread about this little puppy:


    I am NOT loving it at all. I've not seen a single bag from the spring collection that has caught my eye like so many of the fall collection bags did.

    Frankly IMHO, most of the spring Prada bags are overpriced and underwhelming.:sleepy:
  3. ^I actually like the python Gauffre..But I wouldnt spend over 3000 on it!LOL! NO WAY!
  4. I actually like prada's spring line. I like bright colors (not neon green). The blue bag is smaller than the others I've seen so it would be more my size. $3000 is far too pricey for me. Dh already thinks I'm insane!
  5. oh wow! I love that color and the (rose?) gold hardware!
  6. Love it! And that Python gauffre is gorgeous :love:
  7. FANTASTIC BAG. LOVE it but 1800 for nylon!?! PRADA has lost their minds.....:wtf: :hysteric: :shocked: :amazed:

  8. I like 'em both, but I don't like the prices... :push: ​

  9. i love the blue bag!!
  10. I love the blue nylon too!!!!!!
  11. The blue nylon is 1800? I have it in black leather and it was only about 500 more!
  12. i like the blue!!!!!!
  13. pretty- but i cant do the nylon thing... but pretty.
  14. I know, the nylon is killing me too. The good thing about it is it's easy to clean but the price is totally daunting. I haven't worn nylon Prada since the last time it was really popular late 80's?? sort of over it, but liking the color and style of this bag.