What do you guys think of this bag?

  1. Yeah, I love this color!
  2. The corners look funky with the stitching, IMHO. And there's alot of wear on the vachetta corners too.

    But if you really like it, go for it :yes:
  3. She is a great seller but take note there are some discolouration on the Vernis.
  4. aaaah i am falling in love with it!!! aaaaa! i have so many dark bags. this will be great for spring! i know it's not in mint condition but hopefully with a lil cleaning, it won't be so bad? how do you guys recommend i clean it?
    and i actually think the stitching on the sides is pretty, kinda like the mono mat fowler i had...
  5. I like it!
  6. Thats a beauty!
    Be sure to ask her if it has any odors. One of the bags I bought from had a horrible moldy smell and the other one I bought was great.
    So just something you may want to check out.
  7. ^ good point. will ask her now...
  8. Love the color, not sure about cleaning vernis. But that would be a great bag for spring!
  9. I love the color!
  10. Its a great color!
  11. The color is so pleasing to the eye.. If you like it... go for it. I think its pretty.
  12. If you like it, go for it!
  13. do you think i'll be able to get those little marks out?

    sorry i posted this in the wrong section. thank you mod for moving it :smile: