what do you guys think of this bag????

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  1. Total fake!
  2. oops just to explain, the bidding ended, but then i got a second chance offer so i was a bit suss...
    anyways I paid for it, (there's a 100% refund) so hopefully it will be ok.

    Just wanted to know if you girls think its a fake or no
  3. OMG why do you say that??
  4. :sad:
  5. Erdeva, are you serious :confused1:

    This is worse than the market bags you buy for 2.99.

    Not one thing on this bag is real! If you paid via paypal, get a refund NOW.

    The leather (pleather) on this bag is completely smooth, it is actually hurting my eyes to look at it :sad:, gosh, this seller has really really angered me. How could anybody bid on this bag? Please report them and get your money back

  6. :sad: ok i guess i was just hoping that i got a bargain, (after my NAP non buyers remorse) plus there was a whole speil about how it was real. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

    I feel so upset. I hope she's not dodgy.
  7. Erdeva, so sorry about that bag. Please try to get a refund right away! Its a good idea to post ebay finds on the "authenticate this" section of Chloe before making a purchase.
  8. of course she is dodgy :sad: she is selling fake bags! Tell her that you will report her and have her account suspended if she does not refund your money. You need to cancel it now though, otherwise Paypal will take atleast 7-9 days to get the money back into your paypal account if you paid this way.

    Please, please, ask anybody on this board for advice if you are not sure of a bags authenticity, as really, the one you have bought is one of the worst fakes I have ever seen :sad:
  9. Please, post your questions as to authenticity in the Authenticate This Chloe thread located in the Chloe shopping forum. Thank you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.