What do you guys think of this bag?

  1. Sorry, I don't know what make it is. It's a gorgeous color and nice style. I'm not a big fan of all the metal on the bags currently, but that's individual preference.
  2. It's totally yummy. Go for it. :yes:
  3. I'm gonna post again to ask opinions between two bags. Sorry to use your thread elca, but I didn't want to clutter the forum with another thread.

    What do you guys think. I love them both, but I'm leaning towards the black one. :drool: Still open to change my mind. Both are from Francesco Biasia.

    2249-271634-d.jpg 2990-300129-d.jpg
  4. The black one is sooo nice.

    Do you have a link with other photos?

  5. It's Isabella Fiore Snake Charm Cory. I can't decide if I love or hate the color.

    Anyhow I bought it! It was $212 off of ebay - brand new (supposedly)! I think that's a steal.

    Oh and fendihunter...I like the black!
  6. ^^ elca congratulations!! post pictures when you get it :smile:
  7. I'm so glad you ladies are liking the black one. That's my favorite.

    I'm posting the links to both bags...there's a multi-view button on both web pages.

    Thanks for looking.;)

    Francesco Biasia Handbags Hollywood Glow - Large Satchel (Black) - Francesco Biasia Handbags Women's Collection

    Francesco Biasia Handbags Moonlight Medium Double Handle Satchel (Kenia) - Francesco Biasia Handbags Women's Collection
  8. hi there! am i too late for this???

    i like the left one...the rounded one :yahoo: i am not a fan of boxy looking bags.