What do you guys think of this bag?

  1. I saw it at Saks this weekend and I really like it. It would fit all my stuff. I only carry a wallet, cell, keys and lip gloss. The only problem, they only had it in brown and I really want the black. Does it matter the purse isn't leather? Does that fabric hold up well? Do you think it might be a bag that will be on sale come December?

  2. It's nice, but if you want black I would try to find one in black. Sometimes I talk myself into another color/style and then I regret it.
  3. Yeah, that is why I didnt buy it this weekend in brown even though the lady tried to convince me to buy it. I want the black, I just have to find a store that has it.
  4. I would try and find the colour you really want! :yes:

    as for a sale.. I doubt this style in black would go on sale since it's part of their classics line and isn't seasonal and black isn't a seasonal colour either. :sad:
  5. Aww.. this is really cute ! And definitely in black !
  6. Very cute...don't buy it unless it's in the color that you love!
  7. Very small and nice bag.
  8. :yahoo: I love it! It's cute! Now don't give me any ideas now..! :heart: Emmy
  9. Isn't it such a cute bag?? I :heart: it.

    I wonder how it will hold up, the fabric. Anyone have any experience?