What do you guys think of this bag???

  1. I'm not big on bags with a lot of details, but I love big bags, cuz I'm a big girl. 5'7 150 lbs. But this one caught my eye. I don't like to spend money on things that may not be around long. Do you guys think this bag is basic enough to last a couple of years???

  2. hmmm, i think after maybe 6 months you will get bored of it. plus since it's white, wouldn't you be afraid of getting it dirty?
  3. Sorry I am not crazy about it.
  4. I know...I just think white bags are so nice for summer, and I would probably baby it...something about the braided straps are cute to me.
  5. I saw a cream with brown straps that looked cute (can't remember where).
  6. Didn't IF come with different colors of this bag? Come ladies, chime in....I know a few of you own this bag.
  7. Here's the brown, Adasa has it for pre-order, I think this is a better picture of the bag

  8. The brown is cute!
  9. I like the white better. The brown is a definate no for me.
  10. I like the white, as well. With some care, I think it could be a spring or summer bag for a few years. Especially if you like it!
  11. I like the white much better too!
  12. Too much going on for me.
  13. I like it okay. You probably want to check it out in person though, some of IF's leather is stiff adn very heavy.
    I prefer the Whip Audra personally.
  14. If you're looking for a bag that you can use for several years I'd suggest a more classic style bag. Maybe something from Bottega Veneta or Tod's or Gucci or LV. That's JMO.
  15. Consider this one...it is a big bag, great price, and gorgeous in the white:
    FURLA front.jpg FURLA back.jpg