What do you guys think of this bag?

  1. I don't love it....if it's not out how does someone have it?
  2. eBoutique gets a lot of items early.

    It's okay, but not my style. A tad too busy, with the stripes, monogram, buttons and all.
  3. ^^eboutique does get items early but they sell it at outragous prices!!!
  4. not loving it. but i'm sure it's expensive.
  5. Love it!!!!! but without the buttoms.. lol
  6. It's WAY to busy for me. :s
  7. I agree with the above comments. Too busy in my opinion. Could maybe deal with it with the buttons but not stripes or stripes but no buttons.
  8. it's okay... but I must say that the alignment is WAY OFF! look at the handles ;)
  9. You are right Cec....it IS off :wtf:
  10. appreciate the sneak preview, but not for me.
  11. kind of ... eek
  12. bleh... Just thought I generate some controversay on this button bag. Especially when the 10k all button up one comes out in the next several months.
  13. That is normal for LV denim bags. :sad: They are not perfectly aligned.

    I like it - don't love it. Way too expensive.
  14. Its Awful :oh: