what do you guys think of these rock & republics?

  1. Love the cut and the wash! The red thread isn't my favorite though.
  2. those are cute! i'm still not used to the new Rs yet, but they're growing on me :smile:
  3. OOOOOHhhhhhhhh NICE!!!:tup::tup::tup::tup::tup:
  4. not a fan of the new Rs but I love everything else!
  5. I think they're nice! It has a great wash.
  6. I like them.
  7. Add:
    They ROCK!!! ;)
  8. Oooooooooooo i like those, could you tell me what are those called and are they new, i just have to know, also they look very nice and soft :heart:
  9. modeling pics wanted :yes:
  10. likey the darker denim but not a big fan of the red stitching..
  11. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the red stitching! although ive been on a total red kick lately :shame:
  12. I have seen these at Saks off 5th for sale. they are very cute...
  13. i like them...they must look good on u....
    i have few rock&republic is well,and they just fit well..
  14. i looove R&R but i think this pair is just OK. but... i'm not a fan of skinny jeans so that could be why! i wouldn't pay more than $100 for them.