What do you guys think of these pairs of shoes?

  1. At my age, I'm always looking for comfort, but still have a alittle sexiness....[​IMG][​IMG]
  2. I'm not too crazy about them. I like the brown. I think it's the heel that's putting me off.
  3. Love the brown! They are adorable!!
  4. Wish I could see them in person and try them on first! But I like the colors.
  5. Not my style! But they do make me think of spring/summer... can't wait until the weather warms up!
  6. I like the blue ones :biggrin: They might look better when they are on feet.
  7. don't care for the brown at all but I like the blue. It's such a fun color for spring/summer.
  8. i like the blue a lot, great for summer! what kind are they/where can we get them?
  9. i like the blue, it reminds me of summer!
  10. I agree the blue ones are cute!
  11. I love the blue. The brown one is kinda dressy. I likey.... Are these Kors?
  12. These shoes are sooo comfortable, I'm only 5'2" so, I need heels but I can't wear 4" stilettos all day....these give the lift I need and at the same time are reasonably comfortable. The brand is Cole Haan and they cost about $185 without tax...Available at Nordstrom/Neimans and I believe Saks.
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