What do you guys think of these jeans? (SFAM and COH)

  1. So I'm looking to buy some jeans on eBay..haven't checked authenticity yet because I'm not 100% sure I want to bid. I looove SFAM and COH..the fit is great and I trust the brands. However, I'm sick of seeing EVERYONE having a squiggle or script H's plastered to their butts..it seems everyone nowadays has the same jeans!

    I've found some pretty cool back pocket designs that I think are unique....what do you guys think? I

    COH Jet Set Kelly bootcuts in Riviera:

    SFAM Peacock Bootcuts in Mercer:

    How do you guys feel about the back pockets? Too obnoxious/ugly or funky and different?
  2. Sorry, but I'm not crazy about the pockets on either.

    I've been searching for a pair of SFAM Flynts because I really like the pocket designs on those.
  3. I'm also a fan of both brands, however, I'm not crazy about these two styles. The "H" on this particular COH screams "LOOK AT MY JEANS!"
    While the 7's look like show girl pants, way to flashy.
  4. Don't like either pocket.

    I love the Dojo and A-Pockets the most for 7FAM.
  5. I like the SFAM pockets. I'm a huge fan of sparkly things. And it has a really nice wash.
  6. I don't like either of the pockets, sorry
  7. i don't really like them...
  8. I think those would be really cute to wear out at night , the sparkly pockets add a little interest , I also love anything that sparkels
  9. Sorry but I really dont like the COH pair. While different back pocket designs can be unique in a good way, those are just...too unique. And I dont like the booty fade out wash. Ive see way too many pairs of cheap jeans that fade on the rear.

    The 7FAM are better. The wash is that nice, dark blue so you could probably wear it with anything, but I would wear them with something simple during the day. They would look great at night like at a club because of the sparkle! :smile:
  10. I don't like the COH but the SFAM aren't bad, I actually like them
  11. Sorry, but I'm not a fan of either. If I had to pick, I like the SFAM better :smile:
  12. I haven't taken to either of them
  13. I have the "H" citizen jeans, I've only worn them a couple of times, they are cute though...
  14. Thanks for all your help, guys. I appreciate the opinions..I think I'm gonna stick with tried and true favorites for right now. I'm going jean shopping tomorrow and I'll probably pick up a pair of SFAM Flynts and Paige Laurel Canyons, since I really like those styles.
  15. I'm not loving the back pocket designs. I like the more subtle designs.