what do you guys think of the upcoming silver wallets?

  1. i'm a total gucci newbie, but i was browsing gucci.com and all the metallic shine caught my eye :p what do you guys think of them? they're a part of the new spring/summer collection, and much cheaper than i expected. do you love/hate them?

  2. I like them.
  3. I love them. Okay, so that is three fashion houses that have this silver/miror style silver wallet. LV, Fendi (i bought one) and now Gucci! Very Nice!
  4. fendi has silver wallets?? let's see!!!!
  5. I like them...but probably won't buy one :heart: Emmy
  6. They're very cute and eye catching.
  7. I do like them. I just checked out those prices and Ithink the Flap Wallet is cheaper than what I bought my Mongram Flap french wallet over a year ago!
  8. They're cute, but I'd be so worried about them getting scuffed up in my handbag or something...
  9. I'm just not a fan of the shiny golds and silvers.....too loud for my taste.

  10. I love them I want it to go with my LV Miroir because Lv didn't do purses to match
  11. love them - soo cute!
  12. i like it! i hope i can get a bag to match as well :yes:
  13. I love the light gold wallet
  14. LOVE THEM!!!! IM ON THE WAIT LIST.:love: :love:
  15. Im also on the wait list!!!