What do you guys think of the Pochette Bosphore?

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  1. I love messenger bags and I think this one is so cute. Your thoughts? And if anyone has one, do they hold a decent amount? Thanks gals.
  2. I think it's cute and looks good on women with small breasts or men...:shame:
  3. Well, that will work for me, lol!!
  4. I was thinking about buying the Pochette Bosphore when it came out but I carry too much stuff. I think it would be great for someone who carries a minimal amount as it is fairly flat and would bulge if you stuffed too much into it. It is gorgeous though!
  5. hehehe, sounds like its a great bag for me too!!! :amuse:
  6. I used to have it but I sold it. Its too flat for the stuff I carry with. Nice but not so practical, at least for me. Hope this useful
  7. I'm not a fan at all.. :shame:
  8. I only use messenger bags for when I go riding. Other than that I have no use for it.
  9. I have it and I love it. I am one of those small breasted women who don't carry that much so it works for me! I also I like the fact that it feels more secure cuz i wear it across the chest. It's super cute on and is very convenient.
  10. it's cute, but wouldn't work for me...too flat.
  11. I have it and it holds alot more than I thought it would...great for traveling(Put passport and tickets in it.).etcc..LOVE mine...its in my bag showcase if you wanna look at it!
  12. I :love: it! I bought one not too long ago and just used it today!! It's soo comfortable on, the strap is comfy and durable. It surprisingly holds more than I thought. I carry a wapity,keys,cell,4 lip glosses, 3 l/s's, compact,blotting papers,sunglass case. It fits in there perfectly. It's not perfectly flat but that's just not noticable to me. I could care less. It's not soo bulgy that it sticks out a lot though. I say go for it!!! Jill is right, great for travelling too and you don't have to worry about a strap darkening, etc. since there's minimal vachetta on the bag.
  13. It's VERY Cute
  14. Confession: I recently got a bosphore, too. Love it. Great for errands, shopping, etc. Very comfy strap and fits a lot for me: Compact wallet, small notebook, pen, lipstick, sunglasses, cell with room for a bit more. I wore it to the grocery store and got stared at by a woman and her two teenage daughters. They were really looking at my bag and I felt uncomfortable. But that didn't take away from my enjoyment. I agree with Jasanna, minimal vachetta to worry about!
  15. I like it! A more compact version of the abbessses. Love the whole Bosphore line too (sac, trolley)
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