What Do You Guys Think of the New Juicy Couture Fall Line?

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  1. I totally agree. I'm not a huge fan of the new Juicy clothes. I think that Juicy had it's niche corned and with this expansion they're taking a real risk. I'm curious to see how it turns out. They could be really successful.
  2. You know as much as I think my charcoal grey Old Navy down puffer coat from 1997 is D-U-N done and am ready to get rid of it...I see this and LOVE it all over again!


    I also love this top too:

  3. I love the sequin dress, puffer vest, and plaid coat, but a lot of their items seem to be revamped (and by revamped I mean minor changes) to styles from years past. And they cost more, too, even though they don't look that much different!
  4. i don't like their stuff the velour with juicy on it i def don't like...i just don't see anything that stands out
  5. They have a really cute jacket, its three quarter length sleeves and bubble hemmed with a hood that isn't shown that I love. The red jacket is nice too.
  6. I think some of it is cute but overpriced. I really like the stretch wool shift dress but I would not be willing to pay close to $300 for it.
  7. I absolutely love that sequin tank dress. $300 is sooo expensive though for one dress that's not even an evening gown.
  8. I'm not a fan of there stuff...
    I used to like their bags but they are so young looking now.
  9. I agree with everyone. They have some really cute pieces for the fall, but I don't necessarily understand the huge prices! I mean they are cute, but really?
  10. I love all the pieces, personally. I was getting a little tired of seeing "JUICY" splashed all over everything, and these pieces are more classy and elegant looking...reaching out to more than just the "young-adult" crowd, KWIM?

    Even though I'm a teen, I don't like to be screaming a brand when I wear clothes, so these new pieces are stylish and still have a bit of "Juicy" signature style in them, but don't shove it in someone's face that you're wearing JC.

    Pricewise, Juicy is craaaazy, IMHO. I could score some of those pieces for at least 30%-40% off elsewhere. I mean, sweats for $100 for a jacket or pants?? I mean, sure they fit well or whatever, but honestly...I have a budget and it doesn't fit $100 sweats. :s
  11. I think a lot of it is cute but I agree, overpriced.
  12. I think the logo hoody is cute, but the rest...? Don't know.
  13. Cute, but overpriced. I might pay that much for some items if I really loved them, but not from Juicy...