What do you guys think of the Musette Tango?

  1. I love messenger style bags - anyone have the Musette Tango and thoughts on it? thanks
  2. I have it in the short strap version and I love it! It's a great shoulder/messenger bag and fits just the right amount of stuff. Also it's very versatile, I've used it while going shopping and my mom has used it for weddings and the likes.

    The only thing is that the flap rolls up over time, it's not significantly noticable but I notice it.
  3. How much can it hold? Do you have any pics by chance? thanks
  4. I only have pics of the short straps being worn on the shoulder. I can take pics of what it can hold next weekend when I go home but it can hold: wallet (I have a medium one that's stuffed, a PTI can fit fine in there), a digi cam, a cell phone, and then a narrow makeup pouch.
  5. oh wow - so it does hold quite a bit - that's great. Would love to see pics when you can. thanks very much
  6. That's the ONLY reason I don't get one b/c it's so cute in the damier canvas!:sad:
  7. I just saw a short strap- that is going to be my next purchase, I think...
  8. Loriw - I'll update this thread when I get the pictures!

    Jasanna - Oh I know =( I try to flatten it down when it's in storage but it still rolls up at the end of the day. The damier is absolutely gorgeous though!

    beatle - oh! yay! you should definitely get it but unless your boutique has it in stock, I think you will have to go through 866vuitton (unless you can find one on ebay, they pop up a lot). I was told the short strap is discontinued now.
  9. I got the long strap Damier Musette Salsa last week (it is tall rather than wide like the Tango). I love it. I can stuff in my rather chunky wallet, my extra card holder, my phone, and my large jumble of keys without it looking "stuffed."
  10. I love it! I tried on the musette tango and salsa at the lv store in SF and I really like the feel and look of a sleek messenger bag, perfect for shopping or when you want to be hands free, they were both quite roomy and I'm considering buying one off of ebay, it seems like they have quite a few from reputable sellers, now the only thing is, I can't decide between a tango or salsa!
  11. i love my musette tango!~

    i haven't experienced the flap rolling though? it is my first lv and i've had it for 4 or so years! its my winter bag!
  12. I have had the short-strap Tango for eight years. It's a bit small for all my junk now so it doesn't get used much. I can put in my French Wallet, Poche Toilette 15 and a cell phone - and that's about it! The flap on mine did try to roll up a bit but I really conditioned the leather on the inside and store it with a handtowel inside to maintain its shape. Voila! No more rolling!
  13. I have a mono musette. It can fit a good amount the only thing that bothers me is that you have to lift the flap in order to get into it. But it's a beautiful bag so I deal. LOL
  14. thank you everyone - i think i'm going to have to go take a peek at it tomorrow in person!
  15. I like the short strap version. Seems like a sleek bag for the office.