What do you guys think of the Mulberry Araline? (picture)

  1. Do you think it's a cute bag? Is it good quality?

    I think I like it, but I'm not sure if the tassel look is still "in."

  2. Oh, and the picture's from Saks.com
  3. I think the tassels look sort of cheap, actually. Are they like that in real life?
  4. The nappa leather on this bag is supersoft - feels like lambskin. The tassels are good fun as well. They are quite 'heavy' tassels and you will probably find yourself playing with them all the time.

    Size is perfect for those who normally carry large bags as it quite easily fits a large wallet, book, makeup pouch etc.
  5. i fell in love whne i see this bag's pictures on mag, but when i see it IRL, i decided i don't like it at all :P
  6. Because it's Mulberry, I would like to think that the quality of the bag is really great. I'm not sure I like the tassel. I think a couple months ago, someone posted a thread asking about whether or not the tassels are removable because she liked the shape of the bag...not sure if they are, but I guess the tassels are kind of the signature for that bag.
  7. I think that bag is adorable and have since I saw Kate Bosworth with it in the lilac/purple shade. The tassels make the bag!
  8. I love it :heart:

    Just ordered one :tender: Mulberry bags are quality and I think tassels are great.
  9. Having seen them IRL, I would agree with Cat-Miu that the tassels are great. The underside of the tassels are also in a contrast colour to the colour on top and therefore makes it so much more interesting...
  10. ^^ I like it.:love:
    If you like supersoft, luscious leather and cute, intricate tassels with all the usual mulberry quality, then go for it.:yes: It's on sale at the mo too.

    I ordered the Mulberry Angelica a little while back in pale blue (similar to the Araline but without the turn lock closure and front pocket)...it was lovely, but it had a small nick in the leather so it had to go back.

    I would say that the leather is pretty delicate and could damage easily, expecially if you're used to the Darwin leather like me!
  11. i had the one in the pict but sold it a few weeks ago... the leather is indeed divine, and I wouldn't say it is delicate at all, just keep it away from sharp objects and you will be fine... it's a very comfy bag and extremely light! what i noticed is that it is so slouchy and soft that it does not retain any shape at all when you carry it... it kind of follows the shape of the stuff in your bag... and that was what made me sold it... i prefer something more structured.. otherwise, it is a great bag! if you like the slouchy look, go for it! it is very practical and that chocolate shade is lovely! btw, the tassles are actually quite nice... they are a different color underneath.. for the brown bag, it is kind of purple-reddish underneath and the contrast with thebrown is nice.
  12. This bag was on sale everywhere in London, it was cheap but I didnt get it as I felt the leather looked very plastic - and cheap.

    Its not that I dont like mulberry - I have a bayswater and I love it!
  13. Not really my style...