What do you guys think of the Michael Kors Id Satchel?


Jan 17, 2007
I saw it on sale at Nordstroms today at South Coast Plaza for around $700'ish I think, I could be wrong about the amount, I just remember it was on sale... They had a ton of these in black.

It doesn't seem to be very a very popular style, has it been out for awhile? Here is a pic

Most likely I won't buy it, I'm just curious what you guys think of the style... Do you like it?


I love your bag!!!
Mar 25, 2006
Markham Texas
I wasn't to interested with the first pic, but the pic of it being carried looks good, but I don't like it enough to buy it for that price......
Dec 11, 2006
I like it a lot but probably because I am a MK fan - now whether I find $700 justified is another matter but one of the reasons I like his stuff is because you do'nt see it on many people - at least here. also a reason I love Celine and BV (although both are more popular). Also, his bags aren't faked at this stage -

why don't you check out ebay, every once in a while there is one up and they are ususally around $300 to $500 something - you could get an even better bargain!


Jan 19, 2006
I find that Michael Kors' higher line is priced a little oddly. But if you can get an amazing deal on it, then whynot? But I still would not spend 700 or so on this bag...
the chain detail is very cool.. but maybe you were tire of it quickly?

Oh Donna!

Sep 8, 2006
Soon the UK!
I like the style but not the chains. The Michael Kors bag I am currently addicted to is the Joplin in the larger size. It's a tad heavy, but worth it. Bllomingdales.com has them in black and fatique green (its a pretty green). Check that one out. It's under $500.00 regular price and the leather and workmanship is awesome. I havent been more impressed with a bag like this in a looong time.
Dec 11, 2006
^ that is a nice bag. I personally favour the MK Skorpios and they have it on sale at Bloomingdale's but since I don't live in US customs will be crazy, so good for my bank account, sad for purse addiction...