What do you guys think of the Louis Vuitton Evidence?

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  1. Is it played out? Or? ... Iono! I've had my eye on them for the longest time and finally next week I'll have money again... opinions??
  2. I've never saw them IRL, but they look gorgeous on other people here!

    I really wanna try them on, cause just a few styles of sunglasses fit me :O

    I love the pilot ones as well!
  3. Played out especially once they made them more readily available in 2008
  4. I like them, but they're too big on me. I suggest trying them on before taking the plunge.
  5. i liek it but does not fit my face
  6. I think they're totally pimp! Love them. I'm hoping the white becomes available again :yes:
  7. I LOVE them! The are soo cool
  8. i think they're pretty sunnies=)
  9. Ahh! I've had my eyes on the black and gold one..I've tried them on everytime I walk in the store .. I think I might dive in and get em this upcoming week =]
  10. love my grey pair =)
  11. Get them! I have the black and gold...u won't be disappointed!
  12. Tough question. On the one hand it seems
    like everyone has a pair now, especially
    the black and gold. But, they are such
    a beautiful pair of sunglasses- who cares!
    I own the red-silver and the bourdeaux-gold
    myself. Get them!
  13. If you want them, go for it!

    I want Gina!!
  14. I think they are indeed played out. It seems as if everybody now owns a pair; they are one of the most sought after sunglasses made by LV. If that does not bother you, then by all means buy them as well.
  15. i wanna get the black with gold! who cares if they're played out?? Im not in competition with anyone........I wear what I love!
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