what do you guys think of the ferragamo wedge in this color?

  1. thoughts?
  2. I like it. It's cute, and the colors seem fresh. Perfect for spring and summer.
  3. i think so too.... you dont think they are a bit too much? i cant figure out what to wear with them, besides a white dress...
  4. I definitely don't think that they are too much. Wedges are fun this time of year, and I love that this one has some color and design on the wedge. Often times it is left plain, but the addition of the color really adds something to this shoe.

    I think that you could wear this with some capris or a cute skirt. Khaki and white would be great. If you are feeling daring, you could try to pull in some of the golden yellow or red from the shoe to your top or accessories. I can see this easily with a red bag. I do think that it is best to keep it simple, though. That seems to be what the shoe says: fresh, simple, and fun.
  5. hey thanks for posting i just ordered a pair lol! i love them! the colors are just gorgeous and for only $190 they are a steal!
  6. Very fun, fresh and great for summer!

  7. oh good!!! im glad you were able to get a pair.
  8. Oh, I just saw that they were on sale, so this changes my answer a bit. I think they're great BUT. They're beautiful, but Ferragamo shoes aren't cheap, and they are turquoise wedges and won't be in fashion forever. I'm terrible about wearing colored shoes, and I think I'd probably be able to figure out one outfit to wear these shoes with and then maybe wear them three to five times before they went out of style. If they're on sale, or if you love them, then all bets are off. For me, though, money could be better spent on another pair.