What do you guys think of the Anna Corinna Beckett

  1. Hi everyone!

    I saw this Anna Corinna bag yesterday:


    I really think I like it, but wanted to know what you guys think? My only reservation with it is the chain - worried that it might not be strong enough to support the things that I might put into it. I am on a HUGE Anna Corinna kick - or have been lately.

    Would love everyone else's opinion...thanks!
  2. I like the bag a lot, but have the same question about the chain. And is the chain uncomfortable on the shoulder?
  3. ^ It feel pretty comfortable. The bag is super soft and smooshy. However, it looks like the chain loops aren't completely soldered. The bag was on sale from $588 to about $294. Do you think it's worth the risk? The bag thing is that it's a final sale everywhere.
  4. Check other Anna Corinna posts. I don't think the quality is that great - they are cute though.
  5. I think I saw that bag on sale online for cheaper... might wanna check it out online first!
  6. It's cute..if you like it, you should get it, but price it on other sites first :yes:
  7. I think it's adorable, and what a price! It's final sale at activeendeavors?
  8. The chain might get heavy when bag's got items in it.:confused1: Otherwise, nice looking bag.
  9. Oh that looks really nice!
  10. The store that I saw the bag had it on sale for $290. But thanks for the tip about the online sites!

    I'm still mulling it over.
  11. it's a nice looking bag... but it definitely cannot be comfortable when you've got heavy stuff in your bag... chain handles are problematic for me.
  12. I think the chain would be problematic. It would probably dig into your shoulder and the un-soldered links might catch your hair.
  13. I borrowed this bag from a friend just last week! It is super cute but it is very large (and I like big bags) and weighs about a million pounds.... the chain did hurt my shoulder even through my winter coat and yes, it got caught in my hair.

    I wouldn't borrow it again.
  14. Thanks for the tip. Everyone made valid points, so I think I'm going to pass.
  15. it really stinks when cute bags aren't functional... my friend and i were trying to figure out how we could make the bag more practical because the chain is connected in a weird way. we couldn't though. :sad: