what do you guys think of straw totes?

  1. I think they're super cute, but I definitely think summer/beach when I see this type of bag. What kind of outfit did you have in mind for it?
  2. i was thinking, navy v-neck sweater with white knee-length chino skirt and some knee high boots? i have no idea. maybe what i'm really craving is to go to the beach :girlsigh:
  3. I think it's a nice bag. :biggrin:

    I think straw bags are defintely more suited to warm weather, though. :yes:

    The only thing I have against them, is that I remember having one as a small child and it used to scratch my legs! :lol:
  4. They seem like spring/summer bags to me as well. And be careful when wearing them.. if you're wearing a fine knit, it might nick a few threads! (speaking from experience :sad: )
  5. They're cute but I'd really only use them in the spring or summer if I did at all.
  6. I love them and some straw isn't scratchy. Thats a cute one.
  7. That's a really cute bag! ^^ But I do agree with chloehandbags that it is more suited to warm weather.
  8. I love them in all warm climates, I've fallen for a lot of them over the years, but IMO they definitely do not translate to a cold climate in the winter months...
  9. I love them too but only in summer time.
  10. I don't care for straw bags regardless of the season - they just look cheap to me. But for those who like them, I agree with the others that they are geared toward summer-wear.
  11. I love them for the summer - great bag to tote around to the beach, pool....wherever. That's a nice one too...love J.Crew.
  12. Very cute!
  13. I have a few, really cute straw bags that I use during warm weather only. It looks a little out of place to me in colder weather.
  14. Its a cute bag, but I'm assuming they've put this out now for the people taking spring break/warm weather trips...not for cold weather outfits in January!