What do you guys think of my situation?


Sep 28, 2006
Last month, I sold a rare collectible Louis Vuitton item on eBay to a new member with zero feedback. The person paid immediately with Paypal and I shipped out the item shortly after using Canada Post's XpressPost (which takes a maximum of 5 business days) with a tracking number. According to the USPS website, the item has been stuck since November 5 at an arrival unit (I'm assuming a post office) in Chicago where the buyer lives. I feared the package had been lost since it hasn't been delivered in the past 3 weeks so I e-mailed the buyer 2 days ago and she replied back that it had been received but that she would check tomorrow. I haven't heard back from her since and I don't understand how she would look into it if she just said the item had been received?!

I just think something weird is going on and I'm not sure what to think lol. Can you guys please help me clear my mind?



Oct 4, 2006
Nothing weird's going on, it's actually quite common, USPS probably just didn't bother to update the package status that it'd been received. However, I don't like situations like these, because if the buyer is dishonest she can easily file a Paypal claim/chargeback, esp now that she knows the package status has not been correctly reflected online. Is it possible to forward her email to USPS so that USPS can update the status?


My 'lil honeybun!
Mar 9, 2007
Unfortunately USPS is very lax or lazy depending on how you want to look at it and there is no uniformity to there scanning procedures. Some PO are diligent about tracking/scanning status and some never even bother. I wish there would be an audit and those offices not performing the services they are SELLING would be dinged and coached. It really burns me that these are services we are paying for and they just go by the wayside - our payments for DC or Insurance tracking are actually paying for their employees to keep their jobs without performing them in most cases - not all - but most. My PO clerks are begging for the business they hate the online/pick up process and are fearful of the DO It Yourself Kiosks... which are sure to come sooner than later. I would think postal employees would buck up and perform their jobs as required - in order to show they are NEEDED.

OK - I am done ranting