What do you guys think of Moynat, is it too much like Goyard?

  1. Oops ,sorry Birkel,,it was part of the H and M story, which i could not complete.
    This fire thing happend after a shopping spree at H(picked up a few scarves)and zipped tru M(a Quattro monogramme and a wallet).and all this with our bags were left behind in the parking.we finally managed to get to the car three days later.
  2. no hand painted no care
  3. I was rather impress with Moynat packaging. They have quite an exquisite packaging, leather handles for paper bag and a strip of leather embossed with the brands name pasted in the middle of the paper bag.
  4. I totally agree !!!!!!
  5. Goyard is obviously the target of Moynat.
    Except Goyard is a family-owned business that has been in business without interruption since 1853, and Moynat a rather obscure brand resuscited recently by LVMH. I am not impressed and have the feeling everyone is trying to copy what Goyard does. Yet this secretive house keeps being inventive: they now offer in-store personnalizing workshops in their new boutiques (they're the ones who started that trend, years ago, and no everyone's doing), such as the one that just recently opened in Sao Paulo. And they just opened (last week) their first ever official facebook page... Of course, LVMH is very powerful, and Goyard is a very successful yet small and independant brand, yet I hope people won't be fooled and will rather like the real Mc Coy, not some opportunistic copycat.
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  6. +1
  8. I prefer the look of Moynat's offerings to Goyard.
    And there's something to be said for discretion. At this point, it seems like half the Asian students I see in my city are carrying Goyard.
    Goyard isn't as ubiquitous as Vuitton. But it's getting there. Moynat is off -the-radar but seems high quality and luxurious.
  9. To each their own. If you like discretion, you should check out Delvaux or look into getting a custom Goyard done in leather.

    What I see is tons of the St. Louis bags. IMO, those are entry level Goyard bags. I rarely see anything else.

    Also, I've been in the Moynat store and the service was awful.

    Also, remember, Goyard became Goyard in 1853, but from 1792 it was doing business as a trunkmaker as Martin and actually moved to its current location in 1834 (was originally addressed as 347 rue Saint-Honore, but became 233 after Paris changed its street numbering convention in 1846). Further M. Goyard started working there as an apprentice in 1845. It has been in business ever since.

    Moynat is a revived brand by LVMH.

    Actually, the history of all these brands is fascinating.
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  10. It is all relative.

    I found the service at the Goyard store in San Francisco to be terrible and snooty. This past trip I never made it to Goyard.

    On the other hand, I have been to Moynat in NYC, Paris, and their little store in Le Bon Marche and found them to be very kind and responsive. I have purchased items via email from Paris and NYC. My last bag I purchased directly at Le Bon Marche.

    A part of me does want a St. Louis, but I am very concerned at all of the recent reviews and how the bag holds up to use.