What do you guys think of loafers?

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  1. So I've been on the hunt for some uber-comfy flats. I was at Prada this afternoon and found amazingly comfy and cushiony loafers. The SA told me they look a bit too "old" and dated for someone my age (i just turned 23), and ballet flats would look more fresh and feminine. Do any of you wear loafers? What would you wear it with? Is it a jeans/khakis only look? Can I wear them with skirts? ...and do they really look that dated and "old"? :confused1:

    These were kind of the ones I was looking at...

  2. Seriously, it's something I imagine my grandmother wearing and she probably does too
  3. sorry if I was harsh but I'm the same way when I go out shopping with my sister & friends, brutally honest. If it looks bad on them I wouldn't want to be standing next to them lol and it helps them save money if they decide not to buy it

    Though on the other hand, sometimes ballet flats are not the most comfortable, so look around and test them out before fully purchasing them - I once bought these purple satin Forever 21 (sooo cute) but they hurt like a b***h so I never wear them -.-
  4. Have to say that whilst they may be comfy they look too much like a mens driving shoe or slippers! I think the Prada SA was very good to be so honest and not just let you buy something you may later regret
  5. Sorry double post
  6. I will go out on a limb here and say that I actually like loafers--but I have kind of a preppy work-style, so they fit in with what I wear. Ballet flats are great, except most have zero arch support or cushioning to them, so they may look young, but make your feet feel really old by the end of the day. They do look like driving mocs or loafers, but again, this is a style that I kind of like.
  7. I'm 25 and I love loafers. Granted, they're not the cutest things in the world, but they're PERFECT for work. Extremely comfy, I can run around in them if needed (whereas running in heels? Ha!), and since I sit at a desk all day, they're just shoved underneath my desk. :smile: I also prefer them for bad weather - they're more sturdy than ballet flats, which I don't want to risk when it's raining outside.
  8. what do you guys wear with loafers?
  9. I only wear loafers to work, so they're paired up with my normal preppy business casual wear. Dress pants/trousers, button up shirt, cute sweater, etc. I wear them with jeans as well, since Friday is jeans day :smile: and it looks fine as well. Some loafers would work well with skirts too (I'm not too fond of the Prada ones, but the LV ones are gorgeous!)
  10. when I see loafers, I think of men wearing it or older women. if it looks cute, I say rock it.
  11. This is pretty much what I do with loafers as well--sometimes I wear the things mentioned above and dress capris or dress shorts, as well.
  12. I love loafers! and I'm 19. I have 3 or 4 pairs.
  13. Loafers can be cute with the right outfit. They need to be cut feminine with a low-cut profile and a low-cut toe area. I much prefer ballet flats, but except for wearing ballet flats with skinny jeans, I don't think ballet flats blend well with long pants.

    For a preppy look with khaki pants, loafers are about your only option, IMO. I have a couple pairs of J Crew loafers back in my closet somewhere. I just never wear long pants any more, except for skinnies. I wear cropped pants, leggings, or skirts every day, but never long pants. I'm sure one day I will again, though.
  14. okay for those of you w/loafers...they're comfortable, yes, but are they durable? i see in most of these loafers that the sole is stitched on in pieces over the leather...do they last? i plan to wear them all the time if i did end up getting a pair...