What do you guys think of Jessica Simpson Shoes?

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  1. I am not a fan, sorry!
  2. ^^^
  3. I like the ones with the tortoiseshell heel.
  4. I like some of them, but I find that they run way too narrow in the front.
  5. i have two pair and adore them.

    i bought the amys in black patent leather during the barb craze of spring 2006. i think they run a smidge big, but nothing insane. they have held up RIDICULOUSLY well and it's nice not to have to be so precious about something like shoes when you're out having a fun night.
  6. Is there anywhere to buy them in the UK?
  7. No.
    I order mines from Amazon or get them in the U.S.
  8. I love them, but I usually try to get her original styles over the designer knock-off looking ones. They run a little small, though, so my favorites (purchased online without trying on) tend to hurt after a while.

    I find I just can't buy $700 shoes every time . . . how would I ever be able to fill my closet with bags that way? ;)
  9. anyone try her flats? I'm interested in a pair and was thinking of getting them instead of Lanvin's...
  10. I like them!
  11. I have 2 pairs of heels and a pair of boots and I love them all. They're comfortable, cute and very reasonable in price.
  12. they are hit or miss for me. I have a pair of boots that aren't very comfy and the stitching in the back came apart. THey look great though. THen patent leather pumps that had to be stretched at a cobbler b/c they shrunk so bad, I couldn't get my foot in. Also a pair of wedge slides that are super cute and seem to work fine.
  13. I am bumping this thread because I have recently purchased about four JS shoes back to back and I am really liking them. Anyone else?
  14. I'm torn because I like the styles of her shoes, but I am not much of a fan of Jessica Simpson! I don't have any pairs, so I don't know how they hold up, but the price points seem reasonable!
  15. I've seen quite a few pairs that I have adored, but in every case they are "designer inspired" shoes. I avoid anything that is designer inspired. There are so many great original designs out there at all price points. No need to purchase from someone that makes their living copying someone else.

    That said. The few pairs that I have owned were pretty well made, fit TTS and were cute.