What do you guys think of Jessica Simpson Shoes?

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  1. :heart:I have 11 pairs, and LOVE them!
    What do you all think of them?
  2. Not my cup of tea as the fabrication and materials never look up to much
  3. I heard they are very well made and very comfortable! Great price point too!
  4. I like them. I dont see anything wrong with the materials. They're not shabbily made.
  5. I have a pair of black patent pumps and I love them!
  6. i've seen them, they're pretty cute.
  7. I just got a pair of patent-leather red ones Saturday at Macy's. When it comes to shoes I tend to spot something I like, try them on, and if the shoes fit I buy them. I didn't pay attention to the label (or box) for these until I had gotten home, and I was like, "Jessica Simpson has a line of shoes?" But I'd wanted red patent heels for a while. Now I just gotta find something to wear them with...


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  8. I have a few pairs of hers. I like them! They are very comfy!
    caxe - im loving those shoes! I think i might make a pit stop at Macys tom! :nuts:
  9. I like mine :smile: I have the patent pumps with the tortiseshell heel. They are uncomfortable at first but I'm breaking them in!
  10. I've had my eye on these for a while, have yet to try them on though.

    What are her shoes like in terms of comfort?

  11. They are very comfortable.
    At first it feels quite odd and weird in fitting, so you kinda have to wear them around the house for an hour or so. Afterwards you will get used to them and they are very comfortable. I can even wear them teaching for like 9 hours everyday and I have wore a different pair everyday of the week!
    Even my male pupils (16 years old) comment on them and how great they look. Don't quite know if its the shoes they comment on or something different!:smartass::back2topic:... But anyway they are very very comfortable.
    Those shoes are G.!
  12. they run 1/2 size smaller and I have a patent leather pair that constantly shrinks, and I have to put them in a stretcher all the time before wearing. Pain in the rear. Also have a pair of boots that look great but they have terrible arch support and hurt after even 1 hour of wearing. I suffer since they are cute. Overall, not recommended unless you like high maintenance and/or pain.
  13. i don't own any but i love the look of them.
  14. All of mines:











    http://www.amazon.com/Jessica-Simpson-Bronze/dp/B000ET57SW/ref=sr_1_61/002-6924791-0857650?ie=UTF8&s=apparel&qid=1181145165&sr=1-61 << in red :biggrin:

    Pictures with them on my feet and matching outfits on the way as the cable is lost :|