What do you guys think of Britney's Hoodie?

  1. I really adore this hoody that Britney was wearing the other night...I was desperatley trying to find it on the edhardy website, but it came out the other night that it was from ed hardy's higher line--christian audigier line...

    this is it: https://www.christianaudigier.com/pc-338-83-womens-collage-hoody.aspx

    its reversible, but $275...do you guys think its too flashy?
    I'd love your opinions!:heart:
  2. it looked better on the model than BRit, the inside is a bit too busy
  3. ITA!
  4. I like it.
  5. It's nice on the outside, very casual. The inside is cool too but hurts my eyes for some reason, maybe because it's so bright and busy looking :lol:
  6. I love both inside and outside! It's not too flashy!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  7. cool hoody!
  8. i just think its sooo different, thanks for the feedback guys!! :smile:
  9. I like it! I bought a similar hoody by chloe a few years ago... I still wear it!
  10. honestly, it's way too pricy for a hoodie. maybe... if it goes on sale.
  11. It looks nice ^_^
  12. ed hardy/christian audiger has become so mainstream and gross i can't stand it
  13. i love it!!! both sides!
  14. ^^ me too
  15. Cute, but I agree! ^^