What do you guys think, NF GM mono or Raspail GM?

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  1. Hey everyone!

    I am in the market for yes- yet again, another tote. Im not sure what my obsession with totes is going to do to my closet but we will see. I use them for work alot thought, I caryy about four slg's with me, and my LV shoes in there duster to and from work. I have three totes now, the MM and GM Nf, and the MM NF. I was thinking of getting the monogram NF in fuschia, but now my time on the website has led me to the Raspail. I have nothing against patina, I just think it looks better on some bags than others (speedy looks beautiful). SO do guys think I should get the Raspail GM? I love the structure and the handles, plus the zip is awesome, or the NF GM?
  2. I have the Raspail GM and I like it. I tend to carry a lot and the Raspail fits that purpose for me. I also like the fact that it has a zipper. If the Raspail fits your need then I say go for it:smile:
  3. Raspail
  4. I love totes too! And yes, I'm also looking at the Raspail (that's why google lead me here). And I understand what you mean, patina looking nicer on some bags.
    Anyway... I was thinking of wrapping the Raspail handles with twillys. Like what Hermes lovers do with their Birkins. What do you think?
  5. Raspail, bc its a little bit different! Go for it!
  6. I like the look of raspail but my SA said the handle on raspail is not comfortable. But i dont own any and i never try before, so i cant comment much. Good luck on deciding.
  7. I've owned both ~ the raspail handles are very stiff and won't ever soften. It's a gorgeous bag inside and out, and has the zipper, which is a plus. All and all, I very structured bag. The NF GM is completely different. It's a floppy bag without much stucture in the GM size, and if you want it smaller and cinched, the cinchers never stay up at the top and are a pain. I prefer the handles on the NF over the raspail.
  8. I say NF GM, the drop on the Raspail is just too short and the bag is too big and potentially heavy to be on a forearm all day. I like a shoulder tote, not so much a hand tote for everyday, casual use.