What do you guys think kof Apple laptops!

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  1. My bro and I need a new laptop! loL! I was wondering what you guys think would be the best laptop Apple has to offer? The laptop will be for me, my bro wil get the Sony Vaio. I would be using it for school things primarily, but I also want the entertainment stuff! Thanks!
  2. i might just die of boredom without mine :lol:

    other than all the fantastic os stuff and all, my favourite new feature is the mag safe connector :roflmfao: you can trip over the charger and your computer won't go flying! i bet mine would've been on the floor at least five times already if it weren't for that.. the only problem with it is that the lead itself isn't very durable (umm because i keep tripping over the wire and dragging it out violently) but you can get that replaced under warranty if you need to. when i'd had my old laptop for as long as i've had this one i'd had the hard drive replaced already (and the optical drive and motherboard but i can't blame the computer for getting diet coke in it), this one i haven't had any issues with at all and i'm pretty sure the much reduced bumping around has something to do with it.

    for school stuff you can get all the usual, microsoft office and such. and you have your itunes, iphoto, imovie, photobooth :nuts: , dvd player, isight (webcam)...

    and for some osx vs. vista fun.. YouTube - NYT's David Pogue on Windows Vista :roflmfao:
  3. What do you consider entertainment stuff?

    Honestly, I think they're overrated and overpriced. The cheapest laptop is 1000, which is double the price of some manufacturers. Now, that's not to say that Apple doesn't make a good computer. They do, but if you put your time into it, research and keep your PC secure, it should give you the same performance for aroun 300-500 bucks less than the comparable Apple
  4. I've owned two "good" PC laptops (not including the one that I own now) and they can't even compare to my MacBook.

    My fiancee and I currently have a PC laptop and a MacBook. The PC laptop is just for his computer programming coursework, but I bought it with comparable specs. Before buying it, I also got an extensive consult with my brother who also has a degree in computer science and has bought/sold computers for 14 years. So he knows his stuff.

    The PC just cannot compare to the speed of my Mac. For instance, it only takes 20 seconds to completely start up my Mac when it's powered off. It's just fantastic. We have two desktop PCs, three laptop PCs (aside from the other two that I owned and don't anymore) and my MacBook. My Mac is the best!
  5. FYI, starting up isn't really a good gauge of performance. The PC might have additional system resources or programs that it loads into memory upon startup that the Mac doesn't.
  6. I want to get an Apple laptop soon... I'm getting tired of this current laptop that I have... :hysteric:
  7. I've had my Powerbook G4 since beginning of 2004 and I love it! User friendly, light weight compared to PC models, and simply love the MAC operating system. Only bad thing is the battery life.
  8. I have a powerbook which I love to death, but for other reasons, I'm never giving apple my money again, so next time I'm getting a laptop I'm hopefully getting an IBM/Lenovo X60 :yahoo:
  9. get the mac book!
  10. I have an iBook G4 that I got about a year ago, and I absolutely love it. It works great, and I love all of the features. I don't know what I'd do without it. Even though I wasn't familiar with the macintosh operating system, I adapted easily to it, and I will most likely won't switch back with microsoft. I'd definitely get a Mac laptop.
  11. see, no matter how badly apple pissed me off (well my brother was pissed that they wouldn't repair his ipod when it was still under warranty after he took it on an army exercise and got mud in it but i don't think that qualifies as a manufacturing fault :roflmfao: he bought a new one in the end :lol: ) you won't see me paying money to use windows :yucky: i really can't stand it. i'd probably use linux or something.

    then again to piss me off that badly they'd have to come into my house and sink my computers into a tub of cow urine along with all my back-ups or something along those lines.
  12. Same for me!
  13. P.S. the trackpad on the ibook is so much better than the dell laptop i used to use. much smoother and my fingers don't cramp up like with the dell.
  14. True, as much as I dislike apple, I'll never pay to use windows. If I get a ibm I'll throw in linux on it as I couldn't stand windows even before I started OSX - linux and OSX satisfies every need I have and I don't understand how people can use windows at all - it's just so cloumsy, full of safety holes and outdated.. :shame:
  15. I don't really like them..I've had one Gateway laptop and now I have a Toshiba Satellite (so do my parents). My parent's has Vista though and I can't STAND it. When my dad was setting it up, he put in the administrator password (the one you use to log on during startup and wakeup). So I went to remove it the other day and it will NOT go away. It just keeps saying "incorrect password" when it isn't incorrect! Anyway I think I'll be sticking with my XP for awhile. I don't want to change to Vista.