What do you guys think? Do you feel it is happening around you too?

  1. Thanks, I agree about the article. I'm trying to find a special bday gift for my mother who doesn't have any Hermes bags. I'm trying to decide which style to get but it may come down to availability. Regards
  2. Personally for myself I would like to buy a HAC. I love the design and history!
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  4. I remember around the late 90s/early 2000s how everything was "BIRKIN, BIRKIN, BIRKIN!!!" need I reference the Sex and the City birkin episode? This was before I knew about the craftsmanship or history of the company, I did know the bag had been around for a while and was becoming more visible. What I couldn't understand was why people would wait more than a year for their bag. I did a little reading up on it as I got older and there were several things that could affect the wait, which made sense. I don't believe the BIRKIN has lost its luster I think the "craze" has died down and now it's a more readily recognized status symbol for the rich and famous, but the less famous Hermes consumer (hopefully) buys because of its quality and not just to be seen. If the birkin is in fact on a decline then I think it is a result of their attempts to keep it soooo exclusive. I can understand using the price point to eliminate flooding the market (to a point), but I've read some of the stories posted about SA's behavior and I think it's deplorable a person will be turned away because thy didn't impress an SA enough to spend their money on a bag. I can't say I completely disagree with the author's observation about the birkin in Asia (take a look at the sticky), it does seem as if A LOT have birkins...so I could understand how he could hypothesize its lost it's luster if practically everyone in a room has one. Quality aside LV has suffered in a similar respect; for a person that is unfamiliar or rarely exposed to Vuitton it may seem super elite, but I'm sure most will agree Vuitton has some rather affordable pieces (a smaller sized speedy, pochettes, etc). Not to mention the younger age group has taken a liking to Vuitton, with that comes greater market visibility, change in marketing and products to reach the demographic, and finally pervasive counterfeiting. Hermes has experienced an increase in market visibility, although it remained true to its identity of classicism and timeless quality, it has seen a large increase in counterfeiting. Unfortunately it's a result of popularity. I really hope this post made sense (I'm also on e phone with my supervisor lol)
  5. it seems I am ahead of times as I feel this way about the Birkin for the last years - I just cannot stand the fuss that is made over this bag by H itself (waiting list, will I get one, yes no??) so I decided early on that it is not for me. Having said that I totally enjoy looking at reveal threads, and the one time I saw a B near me in the last 5 years, I was excited.

    however, i have to agree with some posters that i don't understand who decided how and by whom a Birkin should be carried. of course everyone states their opinion as they please but what kind of style should one have for a Birkin? I guess I don't understand this notion, no fan of the Kardashians but I don't have 2 minutes to think whether they are stylish enough to carry the Birkin