What do you guys think? Do you feel it is happening around you too?

  1. Thanks, I agree about the article. I'm trying to find a special bday gift for my mother who doesn't have any Hermes bags. I'm trying to decide which style to get but it may come down to availability. Regards
  2. Personally for myself I would like to buy a HAC. I love the design and history!
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  4. I remember around the late 90s/early 2000s how everything was "BIRKIN, BIRKIN, BIRKIN!!!" need I reference the Sex and the City birkin episode? This was before I knew about the craftsmanship or history of the company, I did know the bag had been around for a while and was becoming more visible. What I couldn't understand was why people would wait more than a year for their bag. I did a little reading up on it as I got older and there were several things that could affect the wait, which made sense. I don't believe the BIRKIN has lost its luster I think the "craze" has died down and now it's a more readily recognized status symbol for the rich and famous, but the less famous Hermes consumer (hopefully) buys because of its quality and not just to be seen. If the birkin is in fact on a decline then I think it is a result of their attempts to keep it soooo exclusive. I can understand using the price point to eliminate flooding the market (to a point), but I've read some of the stories posted about SA's behavior and I think it's deplorable a person will be turned away because thy didn't impress an SA enough to spend their money on a bag. I can't say I completely disagree with the author's observation about the birkin in Asia (take a look at the sticky), it does seem as if A LOT have birkins...so I could understand how he could hypothesize its lost it's luster if practically everyone in a room has one. Quality aside LV has suffered in a similar respect; for a person that is unfamiliar or rarely exposed to Vuitton it may seem super elite, but I'm sure most will agree Vuitton has some rather affordable pieces (a smaller sized speedy, pochettes, etc). Not to mention the younger age group has taken a liking to Vuitton, with that comes greater market visibility, change in marketing and products to reach the demographic, and finally pervasive counterfeiting. Hermes has experienced an increase in market visibility, although it remained true to its identity of classicism and timeless quality, it has seen a large increase in counterfeiting. Unfortunately it's a result of popularity. I really hope this post made sense (I'm also on e phone with my supervisor lol)
  5. it seems I am ahead of times as I feel this way about the Birkin for the last years - I just cannot stand the fuss that is made over this bag by H itself (waiting list, will I get one, yes no??) so I decided early on that it is not for me. Having said that I totally enjoy looking at reveal threads, and the one time I saw a B near me in the last 5 years, I was excited.

    however, i have to agree with some posters that i don't understand who decided how and by whom a Birkin should be carried. of course everyone states their opinion as they please but what kind of style should one have for a Birkin? I guess I don't understand this notion, no fan of the Kardashians but I don't have 2 minutes to think whether they are stylish enough to carry the Birkin
  6. So from reading people's stories (esp. in light of the new FSH appointment policy) plus sites like theRealReal, Malleries, What Goes Around, etc it seems like it's easier than ever to get a Birkin.

    Do you think this brings down the value? I'm in NYC and I see multiple every day. I feel like even a few years ago I never ever saw, for example, ostrich Birkins in real life but last weekend at Barneys and in the surrounding area, I saw three. I know NYC is an extreme case, but still.

    It seems that all you need now is the 10k (or more) and you can get one. Does this cheapen the bag? For years and years I wanted to carry Hermes but now I'm finding myself drawn to other lux brands that less people carry like Delvaux or Faure Le Page.

    I'm just trying to come to terms with the fact that I'm starting to not want to be associated with the crowd that is carrying Hermes, it feels artificial.

    I'm young, but fortunate enough to have found a job where being able to purchase a bag of this caliber is in my near future. But, because of my youth and the fact that we are in the Kardashian-Era, I will be lumped with the group of sad wannabes that carry Birkins simply because they are expensive. I work hard for my pieces but I don't want to look like "that guy." You know?
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    I understand your thoughts. One of my very good friends feels exactly the way you do. I think it's just really a personal decision. I think some handbags are designed better than others, but certainly other bags are definitely equal in design to the Birkin. If you don't love a Birkin you definitely shouldn't get one! (Birkins are too expensive for that.) everyone gets to choose their favorite food, artist, color, etc. in life. Just buy what you like. Also in terms of "value" I consider material items pretty devoid of real value (investments and home equity and education are value to me). Purses are beautiful but just material items in my opinion! :smile:
    Save your money and buy something you love and you feel represents you!
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  8. My response may sound harsh, but it is really meant to make you think.

    So, why exactly do you want any lux item? I mean, why do you want Hermes for that matter?

    I find these questions interesting because, it kind of sounds like you are already one of THOSE people that you are in some ways trying to shame. You are wanting a bag to be "worth" the value and you are worried that just anyone can "buy" said bag as long as they have enough cash, including the "wannabes." For some reason you are wanting a bag to be special enough for you to buy, but not be as accessible to others because it may cheapen the brand.

    I love Hermes the brand because it constantly reminds me of its true beginnings, the equestrian world. I have horses, I love anything equine including finely made tack. I knew of Hermes before I ever knew they made the Birkin or Kelly. I knew they made tack and I knew they had scarves. I used to ride in a saddle owned by my riding school that was a Hermes. All I knew in college was that it was a hard wearing saddle and was older than I was. Then I would collect a scarf every year or so with something equestrian related. The bags came later and to this day it tickles me how much a Picotin looked like a feed bag, or that my Marwari was supposed to mimic the shape of a Marwari horse head, or that the Evelyne was meant as a brush bag for a working groom. Personally, I don't care for a Kelly or a Birkin because around where I live those bags would be recognized as extravagant purchases and that is not really the message I like to give out. I have a So Kelly and I adore her, and I wouldn't mind a Jypsiere, but not for the USD price - I am looking for a second hand one, let someone else take the original burden of the price. In all honesty, I love Moynat just as much as Hermes because it is the same kind of handmade attention to detail and similar leathers that just feel wonderful.

    I admit to finding it a little huh when I see the size of some collections or the constant trying to get awarded some Birkin or Kelly. I admit to making some judgements about the expense that some people put towards bags and "hauls," but at the same time I am sure I have friends who judge me based on my bag and scarf/shawl collection (I have 9 Hermes bags). At the end of the day, before you throw stones at others for being THOSE kind of people toting Hermes, maybe you should really delve into why you want it.... and reevaluate what is driving your desire because you may find you have a lot more in common with those you are judging so harshly.
  9. Here are some things to keep in mind: do you love the Hermes brand and the particular bags you are focusing on? Maybe spend some time researching the history of Hermes, their evolution and what they stand for. This will help ground you in the fundamentals of the brand and help you decide if you like it.

    I cannot predict the future, but here is where I think the probabilities lie: Hermes will continue to be desirable. Hermes will prioritize their brand equity over volume. The Kardashians are immaterial and future generations will not know who they are/were.

    The opinions of others will wax and wane; listen to your inner voice.
  10. To address the responses:

    I try to come to fashion and getting pieces like buying art ( I know that's like the most annoying thing someone can say but bear with me). I was introduced to Hermes through their silks. I liked how often the designs changed and how exclusive each print felt.

    I could go to the MoMA store and get a print of an incredible work of art for like 60 bucks. It could be in my home and look really beautiful, but it wouldn't really have any value as an exclusive piece.

    Maybe I'm shallow, but I like the beauty and the exclusivity. I like shopping luxury because not only do I love the piece I'm getting, there's something thrilling about the knowledge that there are only maybe 100 or so pieces of something in the whole world and I get to have one of them.

    It's not as much of a cost thing, just an accessibility thing. I loved the bag when I discovered it for it's design and also was drawn to it because it was touted as exclusive.

    Additionally, (and this is probably more of a "me" problem than a problem with the brand) the birkin is one of the few Hermes pieces I like. The rtw isn't for me, I don't ride horses anymore, and I have no need for housewares. I admire Hermes and it's history, but I just don't have that many points of access into the brand.

    I guess more than anything I'm just sad that the brand doesn't feel special anymore. However I also see that that's a major entitled first world problem haha.
  11. Hermes is forever hermes
    Money can buy hermes but not class and style
    Buy what you like
    Use what you love
    Enjoy what you need
    That's all I care about
    Don't compare with others
    Some people are just trying too hard
    Be yourself and indulge what you can afford
  12. well stated!
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    Sooo this thread was started five years ago but I'll throw in my two cents. Where I live people are very understated about their wealth. I rarely see Hermes or Chanel. Here most people spend their wealth on their homes and children and throw the rest into retirement and traveling. Spending money on pricey handbags is seen as frivolous and wasteful. I don't think Hermes has been cheapened just because the second hand market has flourished. There are people who buy the brand because of its history and durability. I also like Hermes like @lovetheduns because of its equestrian history. They have a lot of equestrian products to offer whether it's riding gear or saddle pads. (Really wish they made more hunter gear and tack and tall boots!) I also love their housewares like their blankets and dishes. My opinion of Hermes remains static. I don't let trends or what the masses do influence what I buy. I agree with others have said above - I think you need to ask yourself why you want to buy the brand in the first place! (Btw @lovetheduns hello fellow equestrian - do you ride hunters or jumpers?)
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  14. @kate2828 I used to rider hunters, right now I am trying to get back into shape and move over to dressage. This past couple of years (well since July 2015) I bred my mare to a very nice Oldenburg jumper stallion (shortlisted for Rio). So I have been having fun with baby. We are getting ready for the Oldenburg GOV inspections in July so my little filly is away at "boarding school" since her dam was not that great at instilling any manners and was going to let her nurse until... well forever. I am hoping the baby will be a dressage prospect. I still love watching the hunters and jumpers, but I admit to not being as brave as when I was much younger! I admit that I have been considering picking up a dressage bridle while in Paris next week!

    Back on to the topic - accessibility usually has a direct correlation to cost. @gabemcfadden I am curious would you really want another bag that has "low" penetration but with no name? I dabbled in leatherwork and there are some incredibly talent leather workers that make bags and goods similar to Hermes (and in some cases used to work for Hermes as well). But they obviously do not have the brand name behind them, but they would have the talent, skill, in spades, and because of the low penetration and accessibility... some of my favorites are Huns Lee in Korea (some of his ideas are just awesome - his instagram is like a candy store for me), if you love exotics Peter Nitz in Switzerland, etc. Moynat also has more of a corporate brand like Hermes but comes at less of a cost and is quite still unknown for the most part. I think a lot of their bags are works of art although many are too structured for me.
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  15. I'll look up Huns Lee and Peter Nitz for sure! I've seen Moynat and had a similar reaction to you--they are beautiful, just not for me.

    I love hearing everyone's opinion on this. Hermes bags (for most of us) are still big, emotional purchases--I won't lose hope just yet.