What Do You Guys Think About This?

  1. This bag would be for my husband. Does anyone have this bag? Opinions? Thanks

  2. Yes, especially if you live in a big city and you take public transportation to and from work! Otherwise, it would still make an awesome messenger bag!!!
  3. Thanks
  4. It's nice- but I personally don't like the Shadow Check line as much as the dark brown/burgundy they had for men a couple years ago :drool: (I have a duffle from this collection and it's one of my favorites)
  5. I like that color for men better than the classic nova check. Like the design as well.
  6. love it! Perfect bag color/design for a man!
  7. I like that bag- I want to say they had that one or a very similar one at the Orlando outlets in December
  8. That is very nice for a man!
  9. I really like it.
  10. I like it for guys! The messenger bag is stylish for men and its still a macho enough color for them :smile: if they dont like to be called metrosexual
  11. I love it!!!
  12. I love it:heart::heart::heart: i love the material!!
  13. lOVE IT
  14. I love this bag! I am thinking about getting one for myself. :blush: