What do you guys think about this?

  1. I was skimming through my Seventeen magazine and stumbled upon this:

    I am writing in response to the people who have praised Seventeen for "embracing many body shapes". Being fat should not be accepted. It's unhealthy to be overweight and even more unhealthy to praise people for being "curvy" like this magazine does. Both my parents are doctors, and I know I am not the only one who is disgusted by looking at all the fat people who seem to be everywhere. There are options: diet and exercise. It isn't hard to be skinny, trust me.

    Jeana, 15, New York, NY

    I couldn't believe what I was reading! Are you kidding me? I can't even express how shocked I was when I read this. What do you guys think?
  2. wow, wait til she's older and realizes her 15 yr old body won't last!
  3. I can't believe 17 posted that. The point of not saying that it is ok to be overweight makes sense- but my overweight I mean obese. Not that it is not ok, but it is hard on your body and organs etc. That makes sense- it is not healthy and many other problems can stem from that (diabetes, heart disease, etc etc). But to say that *CURVY* people disgust her and are not ok just makes me go crazy- seriously, what a ditz. Wait till her later years hit... I'm gonna sound like a b*tch, but I hope they hit her HARD.

    Ok that was mean... but she sounds like an idiot and is 15 for crying out loud!!!!!
  4. ^^ I hope so too, nothing like some good old schadenfreude.

    Plus being overweight is not necessarily a choice, some people have genetic conditions which make it difficult to impossible to maintain a bmi in the healthy range. I hate it when people make generalizations and then procede to apply it to everything.
  5. yeah. she probably stuck her finger down her throat after sending that letter.
  6. ^ I know... or cut her 1 pea in 3 slices and began to nibble it. IDIOT. Does she realize you can also be too thin and THAT is not healthy...
  7. I saw that in Seventeen too, I can't believe she wrote that, let alone Seventeen publishing that! How rude!
  8. Well, I think Seventeen publishing this shows (very loud and clear) where they stand on this issue.
  9. Absolutely, and that makes me very sad. Seventeen is a magazine that many young girls and women read and I hate to see a magazine tell women how to look.

    Grr, everytime I read the letter, I keep getting mad. Also, after reading it, I'm kinda being brainwashed by her (which does sound silly, I admit :oh: ). It's so depressing to see the effect that words can have on people.
  10. i hope she gets fat. really fat. carnie wilson fat. gotta-cut-her-out-of-her-house-on-jerry-springer fat. whoever said it was right: schadenfreude!

    eventually she may understand that "curvy" and "unhealthily fat" are two different things, but until then, i hope she has to sit next to someone huge the next time that she flies on an airplane.

    and her parents being doctors obviously makes her an expert on weight issues, just like my parents working for the government makes me an expert on public policy. like, duh.
  11. That's atrocious!

    I mean, HEALTH should certainly be encouraged, but it's just as unhealthy to be too skinny (which is what most of the non "curvey" models are) as it is to be extremely overwieght. It's all about moderation (which includes curves). What a nutty letter, kind of ticked that 17 published it.
  12. Lol, yeah, my dad is a finance professor...and my desire to buy an LV when I should be saving for grad school just sooooo shows that I'm a finance expert too. Uh yeah, right....
  13. :lol: My exact thoughts.

    I'm glad those parents are teaching her tolerance and awareness of other people. :oh:
  14. OMG, I wish I had a time machine so I could rub that letter in her face when she (and her body) turns 30...
  15. It's not hard to be skinny? Obviously, she has never been overweight and tried to lose it! What a moron. I agree with Amanda. I hope she gets so fat that she has to wash herself with a rag on a stick! :lol:
    Also, being a doctor doesn't necessarily make you any better when it comes to good habits. When I was a teen, our family doctor was freakin' huge, and he had the nerve to lecture my sister and I about losing weight.