What Do You Guys Think About This??

  1. I like it, but it's a tad too big for me for everyday usage! I'd use it whilst traveling, it should fit my passport!
  2. I have it in truffle. It is a large wallet organizer. I love it because is fits my checkbook. The zipper keeps everything intact and in there.
  3. it's a little too big for me personally-i perfer the balenciaga money with the snap closure. it's slimmer than this zipped one
  4. I love it! It's large but thin, so it works really well for me. I usually always carry bigger bags though, so if you carry a First most of the time this wallet might not be for you. I love how easily accessible all the CC slots are right there on the side. I'm using it right now!

    It's the only zip wallet I've ever owned, and I don't find it a hassle to have to unzip every time. Actually, I like the fact that all my stuff is secure in there. :smile:
  5. One quick question. Does Diabro sell authentic Balenciagas?

    KoobaLover: Can you post some pics of yours so I can see how much stuff it holds? Thanks
  6. I have just started using one of these and I love it. It is quite big but therefore everything fits in. I feel very organised every time I pull it out to pay for something!!!
  7. Yes, Diabro sells authentic.
    I just got a Compagnon and will use it for my constant traveling.
    It is quite large, but is great for carrying a lot of stuff...
  8. Do you think it can hold a plane ticket and a passport?
  9. Yes, it will hold both.
  10. fastcat, when I unzip it and lay it flat on the table, it measures 8.5" tall and 9.5" wide. It would easily fit a passport: there are 3 different long pockets inside that you can tuck stuff into. It should fit a plane ticket too. It almost fits a tri-folded 8.5"x11" piece of paper, but it's a bit hard to zip around the corners and they get kinda crunched. Hope that helps!

    (Sorry I don't have any pics right now!)
  11. Oh, another thing worth mentioning... If I'm just running out for a few quick errands, my cell very easily fits inside too. I have a Sanyo Katana, which is a thin phone (like a Moto Razr).
  12. i've been lusting over a black comp for ages. finally got one off bluefly!! i think you should go for it. i think its the perfect size to fit everything and a check book!!
  13. Love it! I don't have one, but I love the zip closure for extra security!
  14. So do you use it as a travel wallet?
    I was actually waiting for the Giant Traveler to come out in RH(obviously for travelling), but do you recommend me getting this instead?:confused1:

    I want to put my passport, plane tickets and itenerary if there's room.