What do you guys think about this situation?

  1. So, I bought a makeup remover from eBay. It stated new w/o box. Then I realized that I might be buying a tester (don't get me wrong, I don't mind about the tester, I just wanted to know whether the sticker can be removed). So I asked the seller and she responded "no it's a not a sample". Well, I received the product and it was 90% full. So I contacted the seller and she said to return it and she will refund everything +extra shipping. So, I explained to her that I'm away from home and it's not possible right now for me to pack and send everything back. I don't have the time either, I'm very busy. So I asked for a partial refund since a partial refund would be about the amount of the extra shipping she will have to pay anyway. I said that the product didn't look used but some probably spilled. So, after a few days, I didn't get a reply b/c she was on holiday. However, on that response she said "this is about the fifth time that you emailed me"! I felt sort of ticked off b/c i think it's very rude to say something like this to a buyer, not professional. So I told her that she was rude and reasoned w/ her that she should just give me partial refund since she would be spending about the same amount of money and it just makes sense to do that. Well, she responded back saying, "Geez...partial refund it is" I will ask my boss. Then, she said that boss said No. So I said I will let this go since I can reason with her and she's very rude saying Geez (I'm not her friend nor am I in sixth grade).

    If she wasn't rude I wouldn't have left a negative feedback. However, instead of feeling remorse, she backfired and left neg. feedback on mine calling me a newbie (yes, I made a new account cause I'm in clg now and usually I used my parents' account). So I decided to make a paypal claim NOT b/c I care about the money but it's about the principle you know. Well she responded in the paypal claim that "I'm going to be rude now. You just someone who wants free stuff". No.1, It's too late, she's always been rude to me. No.2, If I wanted free stuff, I would've asked for full refund and not return the product! What the heck! So I decided to let Paypal decide. Hopefully, she wil learn to be more professional.

    What do you guys think? I don't think I did anything wrong. What do you guys think? Thanks! :yes:
  2. BTW, I did receive a TESTER!
  3. That sucks! I'm not sure if Paypal will side with you if you too agreed to a partial refund and she shows that she gave it to you. But maybe if you call Paypal and explain the situation they can help you out. Good luck! I hate it when people lie! (I ordered some bronzers once and seller did not tell me that bottles would come dented and missing their bottle caps. I didn't file anything because I was too lazy too, now I am thinking I should have!)
  4. Oh no, she didn't give me the partial refund. She said she would ask her "boss" but her boss said "no".. I received nothing! The thing is, if she didn't want to partial refund, how am i supposed to expect her to give me full refund + the extra handling cost?
  5. Yeah I'm lazy to file anything but I'm really ticked off!
  6. I think your reason was reasonable. I don't know why she didn't want to give you a partial refund. It would have been easier like you said.

    I'm sure she knew what kind of product she sold you.
    Good luck.
  7. Thanks! I just wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy. Please other opinions even neg ones, let me know..:smile: I won't be mad!
  8. It's a tester and she told you that it wasn't a tester makes it a snad, right? I thought it was illegal to sell or resell testers. Good luck. Who's her boss.
  9. divahethr, where did you find that it's illegal to sell testers?
  10. Definitely file thru eBay as well as the paypal thing. They can remove the negative feedback if they find in your favor maybe. Good luck. Sounds like she's just terrible to deal with. Definitely a SNAD case!
  11. i probably would have left it, it seems like a lot of hassle to claim/dispute for what it is. i know there's principal involved but when it comes to eBay, sometimes, thems the breaks and all
  12. I think you have made a mountain out of a mole hill how much would that of cost you in the high street,
    your a sellers nightmare
  13. There are a lot of other things in the world to get upset about, did you get this item for below retail?
    If so I would have let it go & just not done any feedback.
    Neg. feedback is one of the worst things you can do & if she retaliates with neg. feedback to you, you're going to find it hard to use your new ebay ID.
    Sometimes you gotta pick & choose your battles in life, & this one didn't need to be a battle.
    Not meaning to offend, you asked for honest opinions;)
  14. I think that we all need to be a lot more honest with our feedback, otherwise the drop-off in eBay sales will, almost certainly, become an irreversible trend.

    mary, I think you are completely in the right and the seller is completely in the wrong.

    Of course, most people wouldn't bother and/or would be too scared of a retaliatory neg. to leave a neg. or file a dispute and that is exactly why sellers like this carry on and on, with unblemished records, making eBay the treacherous minefield it currently is. :cursing:

    Rant over! :biggrin:

  15. How much it would have cost in the High Street is completely irrelevant if, had potential buyers known the truth, they wouldn't have chosen to bid on the item in the first place.

    Besides, if the tester was really such a good deal, presumably, the seller would have got bids even if she had been honest; so why wasn't she?

    Incidentally, I'm pretty sure that you can't buy testers in the High Street, even if you wanted to, as they're not intended for resale; so how are you quantifying its value? :shrugs: