What do you guys think about this ring??

  1. Yay or Nay? Opinions please... Thanks in advance!


  2. Pretty! I love the color.
  3. Beautiful, very striking colour. Any particular reason for ring shopping? (not that you'd need a reason for that beauty!)
  4. Yay!
  5. Pretty!!!
  6. yay =o)-
  7. Pretty. I vote yay!
  8. very pretty color. I would get it if it's less than 1k (assuming it's real diamond and white gold)
  9. I think it's beautiful! I love that color. :smile:
  10. I like it!!!

    Blue is such a nice color for everyday....looks really classy too!!
  11. stunning, the color is gorgeous!
  12. It's stunning
  13. Gorgeous.
  14. i love it
  15. I think it's stunning!!