What do you guys think about this beauty?

  1. Prada Tessuto Wristlet - Loving the aquamarine colour and the bow clutch concept!!:heart:

    Should I get it? Worth $535?:tup::tdown:
    0416692110116_275x275.jpg 0416692110116_A1_275x275.jpg
  2. omg the color is FABULOUS!
    i actually really really like this
    i think you should def go for it
  3. Whoopsie!!!!! I might have to get that for a summer bag...Where did you find this?!?!?
  4. I saw this..Its FABULOUS!
  5. It's on both the Saks and NMarcus websites...OOOPS I let the secret out! I hope they won't run out before I save up the $$$$$ sshhh.:push:
  6. ^ Thanx..Just checked it out...Man I'm going to be in trouble!!! Love love love all the new stuff coming out.....(Emmy starts to get the tingle lol!!)
  7. it's very cute!! :biggrin:
  8. I saw it and LOVED it; I had no idea it was that affordable. Go for it!