What do you guys think about the ice blue (05?) color? Need some input!

  1. So I just *had* to drop by the little boutique that sells Balenciags by my house today before going to the gym :P and I discovered an ice blue first, sitting all lonely by itself in the corner! :cry: I guess it needs an owner badly, because the owner told me it is marked down 20%. What do you guys think about the color? I think it's beautiful but I wasn't sure if it "fit" me.. I don't think it helps that I was wearing uber dark colors to match my magenta first.

    Should I go back and adopt it? It was so perfect looking.. and the color is just so delicate, and soft, and girly! I :heart: blues! Do you think it would be terribly hard to take care of? I had really wanted a white first for the summer, so maybe this would be a good color for summer?

    The other bag that caught my eye there was an origan box, which the owner was REALLY pushing.. I liked the color but wasn't so sure about the box shape. I only like the box shape for the pale rose, cornflower, and rouille colors. :shame: Odd I know but.. hehe.

    If I get this ice blue first, it's bye bye to the blueberry twiggy for another month or two.. and aaaalabama (hehe sorry, I didn't know how many "a"s there were in your user id!) made the twiggy look so gorgeous! I was really looking forward to buying my first twiggy..

    :shame: What a long post. I hope you understand.. I'm just obsessive over bags! I can't seem to think of anything else these days.. especially with school out!

    PS. The owner said that new colors are coming in NEXT WEEK!!!! :shocked: You know where I'm going to be next week instead of the gym... ;):biggrin:
  2. hmm, personally i like the origan more. plus, i think the box shape is adorable!
    seems like a more flexible bag.
    but then, i'm one of those gals that thinks too much blue with denim can be easily overdone so i avoid it.

    edit: oops, sorry i was thinking of sky blue... :shame: i still like the origan a tad more, but at a 20% discount, you can't go wrong with the ice blue.
  3. I think it would be a great summer bag. It's a fabulous color and a nice discount. I'd get it.
  4. I love the ice blue. But, as you can see from my collection, I love pastels! And 20% off is a great deal for a new bag. I would get it if I were you :yes:
  5. I agree with Kat, I think this would be a great alternative to the white bag you wanted.
  6. Oh the origan box was 20% off too!!! :biggrin:
  7. anyone with an ice blue they can post?

    i like blues too...i say the blue!
  8. [​IMG] didi here you go, ice blue weekender! k- i love ice blue with dark colors.:cool:
  9. Kat...I seriously sat at the computer and thought about it for ten minutes. You think I was buying it for myself! lol I personally would love to try out the box. It seems like a great alternative to the twiggy which I think is a bit wide/big and the first which is a bit small/skinny. Buttttt the ice blue first sounds delicious and I don't think it will be too hard to take care of at all!
  10. WOW! DEFINITELY get the ice blue! It's gorgeous!!!!!!!:love:
  11. i love ice blue... and i'm not into pastels at all. its such a soft, cool color. just barely blue. i'd get it @20% off :yes:

    i dont think the blueberry is going to be gone asap, AR wont even get any fall 06 colors in until the end of the month. i think you got some time.;)
  12. chaussurewhore - you SO own that b-bag!!!

    AND kattiepie - you should SO go back to that sold and get that ice blue!!!! its SO pretty!!!! get it get it get it get it!!! hehehehe!
  13. thank you helen!:cool: and 5" platform shoes do help balance large bags.LOL
  14. omg I HAVE to say.. you look amazing. That ice blue weekender is just gorgeous on you!!!! :love::love::love:

    hehe I guess I'll be going back tomorrow to look again... :biggrin:
  15. OMG, kattiepie! You *have* to go back and get that Ice Blue First!!! I love that color and style! Plus, for 20% off?!? Wow! That's a bonus! They wouldn't happen to have any more Ice Blue Firsts there, did they? ;)