What do you guys think about Milan?

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  1. I'm thinking about going there to study Italian for about two months this fall. I've only been there once, and then I thought the city was great! But I only stayed one day so I didn't see it all.. But I've heard so many different opinions, some people really hate it and some people love it.

    I've been to Italy since I was a kid and I'm very familiar with the country. I'm also thinking about Rome, but I've been there so many times and I think it's quite many tourists there.. But I really don't know, I love love love the city.

    Hmm. What do you guys think of Milan? And what do you think I should do? :smile: Thank you!
  2. I think you should sign up ASAP!
    Life is about experiences, get out there & live it!

    I've never heard anyone regret spending money traveling or learning in new lands.
  3. Haha thank you so much :smile: I love your attitude!
  4. i've stayed in milan (my parents live in turin, close to milan) and i've lived in rome. i'd pick rome over milan any day. lots of tourists in rome, but there's also lots of local hotspots devoid of tourists. besides, visiting and living somewhere for two months offer different experiences.

    i know people who've studied in florence and venice as well. i'd pick one of those over milan too.
  5. but, to be honest, you'd be okay and have a great time picking any city in italy. so, it's an easy decision to make. :smile:
  6. Haha thank you so much for your advice :smile:
  7. I love Milan so much.I live quite near,and I often visit.It's a great,great city,that often get ignored just because is in the same country as Rome and Florence.It's a big city,so it lack the feeling you get in Florence and Venice,but everytime I get there,I feel that "late 1800" kind of romantic feeling.Yes,it's caotic,it's quite polluted,it's not as obviously beautiful as Rome or Venice,but it has a particular and unique beauty that you can't find anywhere else.With Milan is usually love or hate,but if you let yourself discover the city quietly and slowly,I'm sure you will fall in love :smile:
  8. lilyjamie, where in italy are you?

    cari, one good thing about milan is the proximity to the lakes. lago maggiore is one of the most beautiful spots in italy. close enough for a day trip if you want to take a break from the city life.
  9. Yes, I know. I've always liked the city, but I've heard so many bad things about it..

    I know! When we went there we also visited Lake Garda (one of my favorite places) and also Lake Como, perfect for a weekend get away from the city :yes:
  10. I'm in the camp that hates Milan. My friends love it though. I agree Vegas Long Vegas, it's all about the experience so go for it.
  11. Thank you :smile: May I ask why you don't like it?
  12. I live in Erba,a little town 20 minutes away from Como,close to Pusiano Lake.I'm about one hour away from Milan :biggrin:
  13. No problem :smile: I can't really explain why I hate Milan. I just do. I prefer Rome or Florence to Milan for sure. I wouldn't even think of visiting Milan again. Just was not a fan. I went with a few friends and we stayed about 3 days. There weren't any specific reasons I didn't like it. We stayed in a great hotel, there was the usual shopping/museum stuff to do. But I did not like the vibe in Milan and wouldn't go back again. A friend of mine is a native and hates it as well. I only found out after I 'fessed up to him. I would go back to Rome in a heartbeat though! Sorry, I know my answer isn't of much use to you.
  14. I like best Rome, I've been in both cities many times and in Rome food is much better and cheaper, plus the atmosphere of the city is much better and so weather!
  15. lucky! my parents lived in rome for a few years and now they're in torino. they want to retire there. i don't blame them. (not a huge fan of torino, but i understand why they like it there -- so quiet.)