What do you guys think about Auleria MM

  1. i choose between aurelia mm and alma dameir what is ur opinion???
  2. both are beautiful but if I have to choose, I'd get aurelia
  3. I like the aurelia mm better
  4. Auleria! It is such a drop dead gorgeous bag, and it looks amazing on!
  5. Both are really great bags... but will have to go with the Aurelia MM... I love MC.
  6. I am going to go out on a limb here and say Aurelia MM... lol...I love the bag in white MC with the red lining... I can't wait until I get one
  7. i have the aurelia MM in black and white. its my favorite shoulder bag.
  8. I love the Aurelia..Im also torn between it and the MC Speedy. I tried it on and as soon as I look it the mirror it was LOVE!! Its also a bag you dont see very often, at least Ive never seen anyone carrying it.
  9. Aurelia MM.
  10. aurelia!
  11. I own and love my aureilla mm in black..it is one of my favorite bags and it really stands out...looks great all seasons and has a wonderful pop of colour...it matches everything...perfect everyday tote size and chic...you will love it...which colour are you thinking of getting..I now want accessories for my aureilla mm....
  12. Another vote for the Aurelia MM here too.
  13. I'd get the Aurelia.
  14. Both are great bags, but I would also choose the aurelia!
  15. aurelia!