what do you guys say when people ask you...


Oct 6, 2006
how much your H bag costs?

i was in the office with two of my coworkers. Coworker A knows what birkins are and he was super excited with my new acquisition. Coworker B has no idea what a birkin is, he saw a Prada ad once and said "what is Pray-da" ?

A asked permission to look at the birkin and carry it around the office, he swanned over to B, who looked at him blankly and said, what is that you're holding there? A said, huh! it's a Birkin and B said a what-kin?

later B looked at the bag and asked me why A was so excited about it. he said, how much did you pay for it, 30 bucks? i said no, a bit more and he said, how much exactly? i wasn't sure how to answer the question but i ended up telling him it cost more than 1000 dollars (he kept ratcheting up the price).

anyway, if he found out how much it cost it would give him a stroke, seriously. for your non H bag in the know friends/coworkers/families, how do you handle the "how much did that bag cost?"

personally i was not insulted by the fact he thought it was less expensive. that's the appeal of the bag, it's so well made but it's not flashy, most people on the street wouldn't notice. i like that i can carry it around fairly incognito. of course those who know what it is recognize it for its quality, but i like that most people don't know. it's like a secret :smile: hope that makes sense.

any comments welcome. :yes:


Mar 25, 2006
piglet, there was an old thread discussing this same topic ... and yeah, it's a tough situation when faced with people (friends, family etc) asking about how much the bag is, how many you have, and make comments like "Wow, life is treating you good!" "Wow, you must be a millionaire" etc etc. To me, it's impolite and distasteful. I just think every woman should be left alone to enjoy their H prized possessions. A real friend should be able to rejoice & enjoy your bag/s with you, and not judge or gossip. If possible, I would pull all my friends into Hermes (my store manager would be so happy :P ) so that we will all have a Birkin/Kelly which will make us all "EQUAL". But in reality, this is not to be and it's not possible. So yeah, you will be the envy of the people around you. And possibly, gossips are on the way. But you did nothing wrong really, so you better brace yourself for the 'onslaught'!

I think the classic answer and least 'hurting' answer is to say you got it as a Xmas present, and (shrug your shoulders too) do not know how much it is.
Apr 18, 2006
When I'm in a good mood I just tell the person straight up and let them think what they want; if I'm in a bad mood I tell them to F off (not in so many words).

Mrssprarkles, you hit it right on the head. I once had an acquaintance (who heard it through the grapevine that I owned these bags) approach my husband and had the gall to ask, "How do you allow her to buy such expensive bags?" I was so appalled that I didn't say anything.


Jun 7, 2006
Mrssprarkles, you hit it right on the head. I once had an acquaintance (who heard it through the grapevine that I owned these bags) approach my husband and had the gall to ask, "How do you allow her to buy such expensive bags?" I was so appalled that I didn't say anything.

Oooooohhhhhhh:mad:...those are 2 unacceptable things in my book....approaching your husband about your expenditures and using the "allow" word!!!:mad::censor:. No wonder you were appalled!


Resistance is Futile
Apr 8, 2006
Noooooo, 24!!!! You must be joking.....someone actually had the balls to go up to your HUSBAND and ask him that????? Oh Lordy.....I would have dropped on the spot!!!!

I don't like it when people ask me.....I get very uncomfortable. I usually just say, "Plenty!" and leave it at that.................


Oct 6, 2006
i'd love to find that thread, if someone could point it out to me :smile:

thanks for your comments :smile: i just told him to ask to his wife about it :biggrin: i'm not sure he would judge me necessarily but he might have a big stroke if he found out how much i paid for that particular bag :smile:

i also said it cost enough.

luckily i told my brother how much it was, and he thought it was cool that i had one. in fact he said i should get one if it's available otherwise i'd have to wait and then it would cost more, etc. he's cool :biggrin:
Apr 12, 2006
Hey pigleto! :smile:

Honestly my response depends on who it is and how I'm feeling. One of my cousins and my two best friends are mad cool about it so I can tell them and it's not a big deal. But I generally just say that I don't wish to give out that information.

And by the way pigleto..be careful with people at work knowing about that bag. Some people at my job recognized my bag, had seen one on ebay and knew the general price range. Needless to say I had so much drama after that. Cutting remarks declarations that I am just spoiled. Ugh.
Oct 12, 2006
I have an Evelyne... and even though its price is not even close to that of a Kelly or Birkin, I would never tell anyone what I paid for it. They would freak out!

In this medium-sized southern town most people think that $100 is a lot for a handbag and that Kate Spade is the ultimate luxury bag. Because unless they are on the Internet at NM, Saks, etc. they would never know about the other brands because they are not sold here.

So, if someone were to ask me, I would just say something like "way too much" or "more than I would have liked to have paid"... maybe something like that. They would likely think that I was referring to something in the $300 range.


Jun 17, 2006
Since the question is about people who do not know anything about hermes and has never an idea on how much a designer bag cost, Prada or Hermes; i won't be surprised if they ask how much the bag cost. it's out of curiosity they ask. i will say it cost a lot but more than $2000 if it' a birkin and smile, then move on to do some other stuff to make myself appear busy.

btw, HAPPY EID AL-ADHA to tpf muslim members. i'm waiting for my relatives to come.


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Dec 16, 2006
The few times anyone's ever asked a question like that about anything I own or collect, I've always giggled and given my standard answer: "more than a gumball, less than a house."

Then I change the subject by asking them a random, off-subject question about themselves.


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Jun 20, 2006
^^ gga, I love that answer! I will borrow that. It's much better than my response -- "it's none of your f-ing bloody business!' .....and I don't mince the words, either. :cursing: :censor:

I really do hate being asked what things cost -- whatever they are. Thankfully, in Boston, people tend not to do that. It's mostly people I meet elsewhere that tend to ask.

OT - but it's a little relevant. I have a second home in New Hampshire and I have never had ANYONE there even recognize an H bag -- let alone ask me what they cost. Today at a Talbots store, the SA complimented me on my Kelly bag and kindly said "you must get a lot of enjoyment from it....". It was nice!