What do you guys/girls think???

  1. Yikes! I'd be terrified to let it out of its dust bag! :shocked:

    Pro - you'd have the only one in town! :yes:

    Con - would anyone see it? :blink:

    IMO, complete vachetta bags are a big no-no... I've seen a few other SO vachetta bags - any little mark is very obvious. I would have a heart attack if anyone breathed on it!
  2. It certainly is unique and beautiful, but I would be afraid to use it.
  3. I would love an all vachetta bag but I would probably topple over, heaven forbid it rained, snowed or GASP!:cry: someone spilled something on it!!!!:sad:
  4. i know ..thats what I was thinking..and knowing my luck I would step outside my house and BAM...HaiL!!!
  5. YIKES!!!! Maybe for a museum piece!
  6. youll need to buy 10 cans of Shining monkey along with that! Its gorgeous though. imagine a lovely patina all over with no water marks or stains!
  7. I saw one that had been used and rained on - not a pretty site!
  8. I didn't even know one like that existed!
  9. IT'S NAKED!!! :amazed:
  10. Pro - You'll probably the only one you'll see with it :love: . just carry it during days you know it wont rain

    Con - Obvious :P
  11. HAHA :amuse:
  12. i would be SO afraid to use it!!!!!! I would never buy it personally (just for that reason) but it is GORGEOUS!!!!!
  13. Beautiful but it's serious vachetta....too much worry
  14. Pro: It is gorgeous!

    Con: you know what it is. :amuse: