What do you guys do for a living? :)

  1. Just wondering what all of you lovely fellow tokidoki fans do for a living. :smile:

    I love the tokidoki lesportsac bags and I used to think I was different because I never saw them in public (when I was living in San Diego). But, then I went to a party thrown by some friends in the industry -- I work in video games -- and I saw a pile of beautiful tokidoki bags in the corner of the room! All of the women that came to the party were carrying tokidoki bags. LOL. Not sure if they all knew that before they came!
  2. I like to call myself a "Domestic Goddess"......But the people around here refer to me as "Mom" :rolleyes:
  3. Ahhh! I'm so jealous! I wish I could stay home with my little one too!

    Some people say "Domestic Engineer" but I like "Domestic Goddess" better. :smile:
  4. im a college student majoring in nursing :girlsigh: that means the little money i have i spend all on tokis xD
  5. I'm a State Social Worker and I work in the "Adolecent" unit, go figure!
  6. i'm working in a local university doing events management ;)
  7. i'm a college student w/ a PT job in a Dr's office :]
  8. I'm an illustrator :smile:
  9. I'm a Pharmacy Tech. :amuse:
  10. I'm a server engineer. I deal with networking, DNS, all that fun stuff with websites. I also work as a medical researcher on a cancer project.
  11. Currently a broke 3rd year college student majoring in early elementary education.. banning myself until I get a job to support my addiction! And well, for food too, of course.
  12. Another domestic engineer. :smile: Love the title.
  13. By day I'm a college student majoring in Veterinary Science... but by night I'm an astronaut. :nuts:
  14. I'm a TROPHY WIFE... :roflmfao:
  15. I'm an auditor :biggrin: