What do you guys carry in your LVs?

  1. What are the daily essentials you carry in your LV?
    I saw this thread on a different forum and thought it was entertaining and fun.
    Post pictures please!
  2. There's already a thread on this topic.
  3. ^ yup. but it died. so maybe this could be the resurrection.
    for the billionth time, i will be posting this photo, because im too lazy (and sick) to take new ones! here it goes:

  4. Wallet
  5. My cherry blossom br/pink wallet which I have used continously since I bought it way back. It's not the most organized style of wallet (only 4 cr card holders) but I love those little smiling faces. And there is alot of the paint wearing off and LV said they cannot repaint. Oh well, I have worn it with true love everyday since I bought it in 2003!

    My mono cosmetic case which holds lip gloss and pens (I would never want one to leak in my bags, at least the cosmetic case is more expendable) and a cadre of misc stuff.

    Sometimes my ipod which has a LV mono case.

    well and the usual stuff keys, sunglasses etc and now my heart coin purse, which I plan to carry as a permanent addition.

    I am waiting and waiting for LV to make a MC agenda in my fav size - 7 in by 5 in - I always tell them I want them to make a MC agenda in that size :smile:
  6. hmmm...ya I never posted pix in that thread and I"m still hesitating whether I should or not....lol am I the ONLY ONE who thinks posting pix of your belongings is too personal??!?!?!?!???!?! lol
    I htink I only posted once of my stuff in this forum...but....it wasn't really like "I have X, Y, and Z" all laid out for the world to see....... (whoa...."Z" and "see" rhythme.....:p haha i'm crazy )
  7. I agree, LOL. I never let someone peep into my bag; it feels as natural as lifting my skirt and showing my underwear!
  8. lol:roflmfao: oh bchleo! you and your silly humor! I love it! :biggrin:
  9. my boyfriend.

    just kidding!
  10. Wallet, multi cles, sunnies, glasses, mobile, hair clip, pashmina wrap, coins, cards.
  11. wallet, keys, cell phone, make up bag, eyeglass case
  12. wallet, small agenda, ipod nano, cell phone, pen, tissues, cosmetic bag, photo album.