What do you give up to save for a bag?

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  1. if you don't need to save for a new bag- lucky you!:P

    but i was wondering what other people usually go without in order to save for a new bag?

    i tend to stop buying clothes, unless i really need them, or sell stuff on ebay.
  2. january, I'm in the same boat! So if I want something pricey, it takes forever to save up. I don't use expensive products (face, lotion, hair etc), I rarely spend more than $200 on a pair of shoes, I bring my lunch to work every day. And I stay out of stores where I know I'll be temped by something else! I also sell bags I haven't used much (if ever).
  3. Instead of spending a bit here, a bigger bit there...I apply my discretionary income toward that bag. Thankfully my $$$$ bag days are over, and I'm buying Hermes scarves and jewelry instead.
  4. It's funny people around me always think I'm "spoiled and rich" or some other lame stereotype that really they have no reason to even judge or talk about - but when it comes down to it instead of going into Target every week and dropping 50 bucks or eating every meal out or filling up my gas tank every five minutes, I'm buying a bag maybe once a month.

    I don't buy frivolous things. I don't impulsively go shopping and buy sale items just because. And heck, if I DO do that, I'm not buying a bag that month. It's just balancing things out.
  5. I give up paying off my credit cards.... :nuts:
  6. this is exactly what i try to tell people.
    they also can't seem to grasp that, although you are unlikely to get all your money bag on a resale, at least you could get a decent amount if you were really stuck for rent or something. rather than lots of stuff that you would just throw out.
  7. Let's see ...
    I take public transportation, no cabs unless necessary.
    No Starbucks. MYO coffee or I go to Wawa.
    I always bring my lunch to work and try not to go out to eat.
    And I try to 'pre-game' before I go out with my friends.
    I generally try to only buy clothes that I need to buy. I try to buy quality pieces that will hold up and are classic.
  8. me too, apart from i do buy expensive skincare. but i use every last little bit of it!
    and trying very hard to take my lunch to work- but salads are just so much yummier when someone else has made it!!
  9. I don't do a lot of saving per say, but a lot of my other shopping is not too crazy compared to my bag love.

    Most of my shoes are $100 or less. My jeans are around $70 as well. A lot of my clothes are averge priced brands Bebe, NY & Co, Express. You won't see me running around in a D&G top or buying $300 jeans. Usually my bag is more expensive than everything else I am wearing combined.

    On weekends I do sometimes spend $$ on over priced food or drinks, but this is only a friday or saturday at max. During the week I am an old lady and eat at home most nites, expect my mid-week date night, but my boyfriend pays for that.
  10. i stop eating out.

    that saves me soooooo much money.
  11. I don't buy as many clothes are go out to eat as much.
  12. i dont buy that much clothes. one time i sold some of my old jewelry and jeans on ebay.
  13. I eat very cheaply; I am vegetarian, so this is not hard when I am cooking at home, I do not buy ready meals and I try not to eat out much...I walk anywhere I can, if I can't walk I take public transport...I cut my own hair and wax my own legs...and when I can get it, I give up a chunk of my weekend to do freelance work!

    Unfortunately at the moment I have -££££s in my 'bag fund' and will have to find £875 to stand any chance of bagging a Dior gypsy ruffles bag, which I am in :love: with! Not sure how I'm going to do it! :confused1:
  14. :lol::lol::lol::lol:
  15. I stay out of target (that place is like a drug to me)
    I try to pack my lunch everyday
    I stay away from the vending machine
    I save all of my change
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