What do you girls think of this summer shoe??

  1. Hey ladies! I called my buddy at CL in Beverly Hills and told her I wanted a fun summer shoe that would go with anything. She sent me these pics and said they were very comfy. I had ordered a pair of CL espedrilles in black and cream but sent them back because they were not at all cute on me and looked so wide. These are cute, but at over $700 I need other opinions. Maybe I think that is too much for this type of shoe. I also like the maribis, also included. They are about the same price. I guess cork is pricey! Should I pic one of these are keep looking?? I dunno, need my honest experts.
    Thank you all!
    Brest Gold.jpg Brest Gold 2.jpg
  2. Honestly... I don't love them
  3. Opps here is the maribis!!
    Maribis.jpg Maribis2.jpg
  4. I would wear the second one, but I wouldn't pay that price.
  5. I like the maribis more!
  6. They are pricey. I am glad it's not just me. What do you think of the maribis?? When she said she was sending me the cutest shoe i was so hoping I would love it. I was dissapointed when I saw it:crybaby:
  7. I'm with Noe...I like the maribis more too
  8. I like these better. I think they are more easier to wear from day to night. Love the color. :yes:
  9. I agree that I like the maribis better; however, I still don't think either of them have enough oomph to justify the price. If it were me, I'd keep looking. I think most CLs have presence, and these just don't have enough of that in my opinion. But I'm sure there have to be more out there that will be amazing and fabulous.
  10. I like the maribis the best but wouldn't pay $700 for them.
  11. Love the Maribis..this is so much more you, I think Claudia! Are you going to keep the Jlenias?
  12. Love the Maribis. They sure are pricey though.
  13. for $700, no way.
  14. Well they are still on pre order. So I am thinking. I just can not believe those cork things are that much! And they are not really cute.I am sooo glad you all agree with me! I thought maybe I was feeling cheap! That is why I posted this, I thought well maybe they are cute and I don't know it!! I was just so excited when she said she had the cutest shoe. I was waiting for the email and then I thought :WTF"!! That's it?? I hate it when that happens!!
  15. Just goes to prove one woman's "cute" is another woman's "fug". lol