What do you girls think of this stamp?

  1. I bought a Vision II agenda cover yesterday and didn't notice the stamp until I got home.. what do you girls think? It seems a bit blurry and smudged. Am I being too picky? Is this the norm? :confused1:
    132_3217 crop2.jpg
  2. Where did you purchase it?

    If it's at Hermes, no worries, although if it bothers you, you could contact your SA and mention it, they'd help you I'm sure :smile:
  3. Yup, I bought it at the store. I don't know if I am just being too picky!
  4. Did you get it yesterday at Hermes, J? If so, then no worries about it being authentic but if you don't like the press, then I'm sure they can exchange it for another one. That's what I'd do.
  5. It does look a little messy. The type leather can influence the way the stamp comes out. Saw a suede Birkin recently and the stamp looked messy. Think about trying to write/stamp on suede.
    If you don't like it, I would take it back.
  6. Thanks Shopmom and golconda. I am not worried about that authenticity since I bought it myself at the H store. I am just wondering if the messy stamping is due to the leather (epsom)? or just a one off? Does anyone have a small epsom leather accessory that can do a comparison for me? Thanks!
  7. fopduck, i'd exchange it if you think you might ever want to sell it -- that stamp will cause buyers to question it just as you are.

    just a thought . . .
  8. J, I'd exchange it if it bothers you. And no, you're not being too picky at all--I'm exactly the same way. :yes:
  9. FD, first of all it was so fun meeting you and CB yesterday! too bad shopmom and tresor was not around but we sure enjoyed the brief visit at our "home".

    re : agenda. i didn't even notice it yesterday when we were browsing on all of 'em. we must have been overwhelmed. but anyways am sure they can exchange it for you!
  10. I'm pretty anal too - I'd probably exchange it if I was in your shoes.
  11. Thanks everyone! I am going to exchange it next week.. now that I noticed it, I know that it will continue to bother me. :flowers:
  12. It was great to meet you and your DH Pazt and to see you Fopduck. :yahoo:

    I'd exchange it too. :flowers:
  13. Me too!
  14. This happens occasionally, mainly because of the grain of the leather :s If it bothers you, I am sure they will exchange it for you :yes: HTH!
  15. That poor baby, she's gonna be neglected because someone didn't like the stamp, scriew the stamp, I'd only have it for the beauty of the agenda