What do you girls think of these?

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  1. Thinking of buying these.. what do you girls think? What could I wear with them? I think skinny jeans and a plain t-shirt might look quite cool. Any ideas?

    Thanks as always

  2. I think the Kubrik pigalles are pretty hot! I know Kamilla has them, so hopefully she will chime in here. I say yay if you think you will get use out of them! :smile:
  3. Thanks ashakes! You have the best taste in shoes too so your opinion rules! hehe..

    They are on sale from the dreaded eBay.. and are a little damaged (think the gold thread has came loose just at the edge) but at the moment are only £100 (about $200?) with one day to go. They are size 4.5 uk.. are these true sizing or small?

  4. I think that they are very sexy!!! It would look great with skinny jeans or black pants. Very versitle shoe. Go for it......
  5. Haha thanks.

    I didn't know you were from the UK. I lived in London for 2 years. I miss it sometimes, but not so much the conversion rate. lol

    They are true to size so if you are a 4.5 UK in other brands, these should be right for you! I'm a US 9 and take a 39 in 5" pigalles. 4" pigalles I'm flexible and prefer 39.5, but will take a 40 and put an insert in if it's my only option. Good luck on the auction.
  6. Posh, I love that shoe and bought them when they were marked down at Barneys back in November. I haven't worn them yet but I know that problem you described is very common with the Kubrik, I looked through several pairs that had the same exact issue before I found a pair that were in perfect condition. They are incredibly sexy and it sounds like you'll get a great deal.
  7. Thanks Kamilla and girls - sounds good!

    Ashakes this may sound strange but in some shoes I'm a size 3, others a 4 and some a 5! So guess it's just different brands that are sized differently. The girl has sent me the measurements so I've been trying to measure my foot in a 'high heel' position - you can imagine how hilarious that is!

    And I'm sure you don't miss the rain and the cold weather Ashakes! xx
  8. They're going to be great to add some flash to an outfit! Good luck on the auction and the fit.
  9. These would make even a boring outfit look amazing. :yes:
  10. I love these! Oh with a dark skinny jean and a tee you would be hot!!!
  11. it's a yay for me too!
  12. Same for me!! Love them, and they would go with a lot!
  13. Thanks girls! I'm keeping a close eye on the auction and I figure if they don't fit too well then I suppose I can offer them up on here if anyone would want them (if that's allowed). No point getting a bargain that doesn't fit, someone else may benefit! :smile:
  14. I hope they fit!!
  15. Thanks Priin...me too!

    I meant to ask, Kamilla do you have pictures of these on?