What do you girls think of the Gucci Hobo Britt in python--

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  1. very gorgeous but i could never pull it off. i think its a beautiful, classy selection :smile: how much is it right now?!
  2. around $1800--down from $2600
  3. ^^ ::jaw drops::
    too many bones for me!
    but if you really like it, GO FOR IT!
    i think if you like it, you should get it...well that is if you have the funds. i could imagine that it looks gorgeous in person
  4. I like the reg leather better personally!
  5. I think it is beautiful though I have never seen it in real life. I am pretty sure that annsfabulousfinds.com has 1 on sale. I wouldn't use it everyday. It screams HOT! I would definitley get it if I had the $$
  6. beautiful!