what do you girls think of 2-tone birkins?

  1. Hi everyone, i've been dying to get a birkin for years and finally my friend who went on a tour in europe bought me one yesterday. I told her any color is fine,assuming that she would get an all leather birkin, but to my surprise, she got a beige leather and canvas 2 tone 35 birkin instead. I'm pretty disappointed and now I am stuck paying for over 5000 euros for it. :sad: Also, is that price about right for a 35 two tone birkin? It's alot more than I thought since an epson 30 is around 8000US right? did hermes raised their prices? thanks.... still a bit bummed...:sad:
  2. Awww, sorry you didn't get what you wanted. What colors are the birkin? The leather/toile (canvas) combo is actually very desired and I've always liked Elle Macpherson's which was barenia and natural canvas combo. Look around in the "Stars and Hermes" thread for pics. In regards to prices, yeah, the partial canvas doesn't really make it cheaper.
  3. Can you not exchange it for something you prefer? I'm assuming she bought it at an Hermes boutique?
  4. I'm hoping the same. You shouldn't have to pay so much for a bag that doesn't make your heart sing.
  5. I love the leather/toile birkin, but can see why you might not want one for your first. Hope you can exchange it.
  6. big bummer!!! Hopefully if you have the receipt you can exchange it for something you LOVE. Good luck.
  7. I have to say 2-tone birkins are my most favorite of all bags! My very first one was in beige rose clemence & amazonia with palladium hardware. It has taken a severe beating in the last 6 years but I am completely hooked. I think I like it so much because it's different that a solid color.
    I have a few others in the 2-tone combo that I wear but not as much as my old beat up bag. I sat my bag down in a store once in St. Barths and a customer walked in and picked up my ratty bag. I told her is was not for sale that it was mine but she said she like the beat up look.......;)
  8. We can exchange it??! Yes, she got it at the hermes boutique in paris. She won't be back till after chinese new year. She just sent me a pic she found online that looks like my bag. Let me try to attach it.
  9. can I exchange it in Hong Kong even though she bought it in paris? thanks alot everyone.
  10. Personally I would not choose to buy a leather/tolie combo because of the klutz that I am, but lookswise I do feel that it is super chic. I have seen it carried in real life before, the lady looks so good. I have also seen a demin version too. Lovely.

    If your friend is still there in paris, ask her to return it for store credit, and you pay her for that instead. Then you can use the store credit for anything you want.
  11. No is the answer. If she is still there in Paris, ask her to return it.
  12. I'm sorry that you didn't get what you wanted. I think the birkin is gorgeous, but if it is the first one i would go for a all leather just because i think ( maybe i 'm wrong) that toile is higher maintenance.
    I hope you can exange it in some store. Maybe if you phone to the store in Paris and tell them they give you any solution, as far as the bag is not used yet.
  13. You got a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous bag! The two-tone Birkins with toile (canvas) and leather are a sight to behold. Very, very elegant. Sorry you don't like it. They cost the same as the all-leather Birkins and yes, Hermes had a price increase in the beginning of the year.
    If you don't like it you should sell it or try to exchange it for store credit.
    I am sorry you don't like it. It's a super bag.
  14. I'm not sure if this true, but I read somewhere that in Hong Kong, you can bring a brand new bag to Milan Station and they will pay you a certain percentage above retail for it.
  15. Good point. Finding a reseller for an authentic Birkin and not making a loss shouldn't be too difficult in Hong Kong.