What do you get when you purchase...?

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  1. I bought the Damier Azur speedy 30 last weekend and I usually get some autentication form/card but this time all I got was a dustbag, the yellow card, the white tag, and a normal receipt handed to me (other places give a little receipt holder?). Is this usually what happens?

    Anyways, I :heart::heart::heart: my new speedy! I can finally say I have a small collection now!:wlae:
  2. depending on where you bought it from (boutique, or in a dept. store like saks), they'll give you a regular receipt.

    mono and damier bags (including azur) don't come with a care booklet. i don't recall ever getting a yellow card though.
  3. they don't always put the receipt in a holder & i've always got boxes or little pop up bag type things for my purses along with the shopping bag but i didn't with my speedy.

    everything you got was the same thing i got for my damier speedy 25.
  4. Yeah that's right.
    The Azur line doesn't come with a care booklet and no LV bags come with authentication cards.

    Oh also, the yellow card is the same size as the white tag, right? If so, that's the materials card that shows what material the bag is made with. It's more of a pale yellow/off white, not really yellow.
  5. Right, like a dark cream.
  6. Here, we need to ask for tag, cream paper ( it called as paperwork ) and care booklet. Sometimes they even not give the gift box but sometimes, they also give post card and leather ribbon ( sorry I may miswrite it the correct name ).
  7. Yep it's pretty much what everyone has said. You don't get an authenticity card with LV.
  8. wonder why lv dun give the auth card
  9. Yeah the white tag just has the model number and name on it.
  10. There's really no point, actually.
    It wouldn't help decrease fakes since people are scan and template happy. They'd just include those with fakes too.