What do you get teased about?

  1. Being a natural blonde. Every stupid thing I do or accident I have goes straight to that fact. I HATE it!!
  2. Yeah Same,
    I am a blonde, I am known for the stupid things I say!
    Stupid is as stupid does!
  3. Having gigantic eyes for an Asian (but I'm a mutt!)...and it's also the thing I get the most compliments on, too... Hmmm :upsidedown:
  4. My expensive tastes (which aren't even really that expensive) but people don't seem to understand why I like having nice things?
  5. For being an "old lady." I drive a Buick and knit, and am not exactly a party girl (anymore that is).

    For being a "professional student." I also work on campus (and have since 2002), so it's an ongoing joke that I'll start getting benefits and paid vacations soon, and that I have more seniority than my bosses. And how I'll go to my 10 year high school reunion and I'll still be going to school for my Bachelor's degree and still be working at this job, haha.
  6. my grandpa says i have champagne tastes but lemonade money.
  7. My expensive taste and my sometimes 'blond' moments also. Looks like many of us are teased for the same thing!
  8. my 'expensive' taste (i asked for a pair of citizens for X-Mas last year, my dad couldn't understand how ANYONE would want 150+$ jeans... HAHA) and being from JERSEY (i go to school in the south, so it's always Kim! Say dog! (dawg) Coffee! (Caw-fee!) Call! (Cawl) hahahaha
  9. I get teased for being a blonde & for my purse obsession.
  10. Being too sensitive....and how I worry how every ache and pain is a life-threatening illness...:crybaby:
  11. Same! Mutt's unite! haha

    It's not really teasing but the fact that I get very excited or passionate about things that I enjoy or hate seems to always get pointed out.
  12. Hahaha I've not heard that one before.

    Instead my family says I was born into the wrong family lol not because they don't love me - they just don't understand where I got my fondness for luxury goods from. I just think what else am I going to spend my hard earned money on?
  13. That I am going to buy either a Kelly or Birkin bag......lol!x
  14. i get teased about my purse obsession..alot..lol
  15. I get teased for this:

    Got drunk one night (rare for me) and took over an outside karoke event. :tispy: I will never, ever hear the end of it. From friends, family and everybody who lives on the lake.

    I am obsessive about cleaning. My house is always perfect, perfect, perfect and I even like lines in my carpeting from the vacuum. Everybody likes to walk through my lines and put footprints in them. :push: I get teased about being a cleaning nut everyday.

    My family teases me terribly about this one!! I have always been scared to drive over bridges (more so now after I35W :sad:) and will plan all my driving trips to avoid going over bridges. I avoid going to Omaha for this very reason (have to cross bridges over water) and almost have to take a Valium to cross from Iowa into Illinois over the Mississippi when going to Chicago. And vice-versa.